Sunday, May 16, 2010

Race Car Driver Danica Patrick is a Robert Pattinson and Twilight Fan

Race car driver Danica Patrick talked about Rob in and interview with Details

Details: I read in Sports Illustrated that you have a crush on Rob Pattinson. What do you think of the photos from his Details cover shoot?
Danica Patrick: Do you have it? [Long pause while she flips through the story.] Oh my gosh. He does look pretty good. Holy crap. I didn’t know you could show boobs here.

Details: Are you into Twilight?
Danica Patrick: I’m obsessed. I’ve read them all. They did a good job of casting the movie—I mean, Rob looks the part. But I think nothing will ever compare to our own imaginations about, you know, perfection and . . . Dude, they are full on nude, like, they had to wax themselves! [Borat voice] Wah wah wee wah

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