Wednesday, May 12, 2010

People talking about Rob: Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel, Charlie Bewley and Aziz Anzari

Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel spoke to Radar Online at the 5th annual “What is Sexy” List at Drai’s in Hollywood Tuesday night. When asked about her celebrity crushes and who she thinks is the sexiest star she mentioned Rob:

“I’m definitely a Rob, vampires, Twilight fan,”

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Charley Bewley talked to OK! Magazine at the premiere of 'Letters for Juliet'


But he did mind how seclusive Rob and Kristen were on set.

“They are really like movie stars,” Charlie told OK!. “I can’t stand them always locked in their rooms.”

Just kidding!

“No,” he explained. “They are lovely people.”

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Aziz Anzari - the host of the MTV Movie Awards 2010 - told the LA Times how he's familiarizing himself with the audience and obviously mentioned Rob.


"I'm trying to really become one with the audience, so I just put a poster of Robert Pattinson up on my ceiling to get into the head of the audience,"

also kidded that his goal was to "maybe touch Robert Pattinson's hair" or "get a photo with Taylor Lautner's abs."

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