Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fans' Reaction to Eclipse Screening

Fans were treated to an advanced screening of Eclipse (a rough cut of the movie) in Chicago today and will be in the audience of The Oprah Show tomorrow with Rob, Kristen, Dakota and Taylor. The show will air on May 13th.

I don't believe these tweets are "spoilerish" but read at your own risk

OMFG @Twilight Saga #Eclipse was so freaking good!!! Blew Twilight & New Moon out the water!!! It was AMAZING!!
It was the best movie yet by far! Awesome fight scenes!!! They pretty much put everything in!! Win!!!
It was about 2 hrs but they fit everything in and it felt much longer. You're gonna love it!!
there was a lot of Edward & Bella. They didn't miss a thing you're gonna be blown away for sure.
YES!!! The leg hitch was in the movie!!! Suuuch a hott scene!!! :-D
was ther some humor in it? :) <~ Yes lots you're gonna laugh out loud!!! :-)

Just saw Eclipse!! Almost didn't get in and I was about to cry. But then Julie saved us. :) AMAZING movie. That's ALL I'm saying.
There were a lot of stuff that wasn't finished, and one time the wolves were animated. It was hilarious.
And I couldn't fully appreciate Rob's close ups because jaw was freaking huge. Everyone's was. They have a lot to edit

OH MY GOD!!!! Eclipse was absolutely AMAZING. Better then both New Moon & Twilight! Holyy crappp =O
omg tonight was seriously UNREAL. they showed us a version that isn't even final yet! the movie was REALLY good, Edward was adorable :)

Just watched Eclipse, it was incredible.

Eclipse was amazing!! Can't wait to see the final version!!
Best movie yet :D


SafetyJan said...

Sweet dreams and leg hitches to all!

Iluvthemovies said...

I knew David Slade could pull this off, I can hardly wait. June is to far away. I want to get me some Edward and Bella leg hitch.

Μαρια said...

i hope it 's the best in the series so far... But i am sure that David Slade did an amazing job... I can't wait!!! :D 55 more days...!!!!

yaelfica said...

i love the "leg hitch" comments!! lol.. and i thought i was the only one who had find that part really hot in the book..thankfully i was wrong... i can hardly wait...

OCD56 said...

I was so glad to hear that the Twilight fans loved the movie. I was worried that the fight scenes would be the main focus of the movie. Even though Breaking Dawn is my favorite book, I love the Edward and Bella scenes in Ecilpse.
I can't wait to see the movie. I hope to get tickets to the midnight showing. I will also go to see it again with some friends and family the next day.