Monday, May 3, 2010

Edward Pictures - Eclipse Promo Shoot!



Promo pictures of the whole cast at the Source


Jennifer said...

OME!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!

mello said...

um, kinda miss twilight Edward.. with longer, wilder hair and shorter sideburns (and less lipstick).

papagáj said...

@ mello

i miss too
there was no lipstick at all
only mac powder

Tiff said... with mello, too.

katherine said...

I agree with all of you!
twilight Edward was better, he has too much makeup on these and in new moon and way too pale...........Poor Rob and he hates all that makeup too!

Jane said...

I really like Rob's hair in these pictures. I think it suits him better, of course, he is sexy any way he wears it. Looking forward to Eclipse.

Ursula said...


behnaz said...