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Eclipse Screening Report? Spoilers!

This was posted on Rob's IMDb page. The person says that her friend attended the Oprah Eclipse screening and share details about the movie.
True? False? I can't say. Just keep in mind that they watched a rough cut and this is one person's point of view.

Her report under the cut for spoilers

My friend was able to attend the Oprah Eclipse screening and this is her experience!!!!! "They tell us that the movie is not complete so be warned that it is rough but they wanted us to be able to see what they have. It starts and there is no sound. And I think boy, they weren't kidding when they said it was rough! But they rewind the movie and start it again. Ha! The music wasn't complete so we don't know what will be on the soundtrack. That will be a good thing for us once it's added and we can watch it with everyone else on June 30. There was a scene when a wolf was animated and there was some scenes with subtitles, too. Also there was some really shaky camera scenes and lighting issues but for the most part it was done.

So I was very surprised that the balance between the Edward and Bella moments and the action was well done. They had ALL the MAJOR Edward and Bella moments but sadly not all the moments we loved from the books but at least they had the MAJOR ones. And of course those scenes were rushed and didn't have exact dialogue like fans would like. BUT I was pleasantly surprised and can be happy with it. So some may say they got it all perfect and others may say they are very upset things were left out! They DID have the leg hitch scene! Oh it was good, hot and SEXY! Their conversation wasn't really the way I remembered it and he doesn't crumble the part of the wrought iron bed to demonstrate how strong he is. They had a LOT of good kissing in the movie which was really lacking in New Moon. Edward was cute and smiling except when Bella was snapping at him or breaking off the kiss for some reason.

Charlie is absolutely perfect! He just nails it everytime and has such spectacular comic relief! Love him! The scene with him and Bella discussing her virginity was AWESOMELY awkward! It could not have been more perfect. And the wolfpack meeting at the bonfire was very well done. Not too long and just enough information given. I like the Jasper backstory. I felt that was done really well and there are a couple of great Alice and Jasper moments! The Rosalie backstory was ALMOST perfect. The Alice kidnapping Bella scenes were left out and that's when Rosalie tells Bella her story. The big problem is they also took out the part where Rosalie tells Bella about going to see her friend Vera and wanting a child like Vera's new baby boy. She fell in love with the child and dreamed of being a mother someday. It's the main reason why she was so upset she was changed into a vampire and

and that is why she's upset with Bella for choosing to give that up. This is a crucial to undersstanding her actions in BD with Renesmee. It just seems like these movies are way more pro Jacob than Edward. They don't seem to understand Jacob winds up with Edward and Bella's daughter so they shouldn't make him seem so much like a hero. SO the biggest thing that is wrong and unacceptable is that Alice never kidnaps Bella when Edward goes hunting. You never get the feeling Bella has to be kept safe from whatever is happening in Seattle. So all of a sudden Jacob is at school talking to Edward about the treaty being broken by Emmett and Jasper and then Bella is mad at Edward for not keeping her clued in. The next thing you know she's on the back of Jacob's motorcycle speeding away from Edward like na na na na na! It makes me so mad! Bella was a brat in the book sometimes but never like that! So it was in your face to Edward! I HATE that part and it was the worst part.

It definitely was not that way in the book! Then there is the tent scene and for the most part it was really good. They left out the "space heater" comment which seemed way wrong to me because they should use all those cute classic lines the fan loved from the books. The dialogue with Edward and Jacob is good but the scene ends abruptly without the standoff between them! I love that part of the book and I'm sad it wasn't in the movie. The part where Jacob and Bella kiss was very upsetting but the really bad part is when Bella goes back to Edward afterwards. The whole conversation is just all wrong! Bella never sheds a tear and she never seems sad by her behavior...that's all wrong!! It's like ooops it just happened. Blech! The hair in this movie is SUPER bad! Everyone just looks so fake that it is comical and very distracting! I burst out laughing once when Peter was on the screen! His hair and makeup were just so poorly done! Edward was the only one that looks good!

Riley is a main character in the movie and definitely has more scenes than the Cullens. But I think they do that to establish him and create tension. I also thought the newborns seemed like zombies at times but it worked for the most part. The action stuff was really cool. I think there needs to be more editing at times because I can see the newborns flying away from the wolves before they even touch them! They need to touch up things like that but it was still really cool. The way they rip up the vampires is also really cool. I really dislike Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria...she's BAD! Like super horrible acting! The faces she makes is amusing and not scary at all! I can't stand her at all so I was glad she wasn't in the movie that much. There was a kissing scene between her and Riley that made me want to puke. I guess it had to be there to show her fake/planned relationship with him.

So that may seem like a lot of negative stuff but really the Edward and Bella scenes are so good but just too short as usual. The scene when Edward reads Jacob's mind and learns he tried to kiss Bella and she punches is so so so schmexy!!!!! I have always loved angry Edward! No nose pinching but good car screeching and anger! I cried two times at sweet at just how sweet Edward is to Bella. I just love that stuff and that's why I love the books! So all in all I think when this movie is completed it will be the best one so far. When it's completed and the music is added it will even be better. I'm so glad I saw it!" So after hearing her account I feel a lot better about some things and still worried about others. I will reserve my final opinion once I see the movie. Thought I would share her story with all of you and I hope you enjoyed it!

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Resh said...

the review is exactly like the script,man i wish the director was more close to the book things would have been so much better

erpatz said...

I believe the review...and I hope they made good editing and make the ROMANCE work!!!! soo this is not just a zombie bobie movie

Alison said...

Sheesh, I hope she doesn't get her friend in trouble for posting this on IMDB. Granted, it would be difficult to track, but lord when O says 'don't tell anyone', you really shouldn't tell anyone. LOL!

As for the movie, this summary does not give me a good feeling about the film. I mean, it makes no sense to me. She says there are plot holes, pivotal dialogue missing, action goofs, a badly acted villain who is also poorly established, a minor character given more screen time than the returning characters, bad wigs/makeup, and Bella doing alot of things out of character, but it's ok because Bella and Edward make out a lot so the movie will be great. I really hope I'm wrong, but everything she describes screams bad film to me.

Ursula said...

Oh Boy!!! I mean im trying not to get to hung up on the personal opinions just because they are that personal opinions.. but WTF?!?! is up with Bella gettin' on Jake's bike in Edward's face?!?!?! That's not how it happened!!! that's horrible, Bella would have never done that to Edward... I'm mad at that part >:(

layna.lane said...

I agree 100% with Alison, and there were too many times reading that that I groaned and went oh god. I also agreed with the assessment that Rosalie wanting a baby as a human is important to the reason why she's against Bella becoming a vampire. Eclipse was my favorite book so if I go see this and feel the need to get up and leave I'm going to be pissed and I won't know who to blame more- David or Melissa but any dialog issues I'm going straight for Melissa since I already have issues with her script writing. Another thing I just don't understand is how can the hair, makeup and costuming get soooo bad? They have so much more money in the budget for these movies than they did when they made Twilight and now they're making everyone look cartoonish instead of more natural and blendable. Key word there- blend, they need to be believeable blending into the human world and they're certainly not if they look like yellow eyed wax statues with lego hair!

Tiff said...

REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping the final editing will maybe fix some of these "holes" in the story. I know the chances are slim, though. I DO NOT like Melissa's dialogue in any of the movies...wish they'd get rid of her. They probably won't...oh well. However, still excited for the movie despite my complaining. :)

Ursula said...

I can't say that Im not disappointed with the hair and make up, I understand that for Bella they couldn't do much about it because she had to cut her hair for The Runaways but what on earth where they thinking with Jasper, Emmet and Carlisle? :( and for that matter Victoria too, Bryce Dallas has natural red hair, couldn't they just curl it so that it looked as nice as Rachelle's hair? That wig looks like yarn :(

Can't-get-enough-twilight said...

I'm dreading the new Victoria. Rachelle was perfect but Bryce Dallas Howard doesn't fit the role at all. I feel for her since she has to come into this kind of fandom after a girl who already grabbed the hearts of the audience and try to be as good if not better, but it just isn't working for people.

The wigs on these people make me cringe. The only one I liked was Rosalie's.

I agree about the Rosalie plot hole with the child. That's something they need to show as well as Alice kidnapping Bella. Alice and Bella's friendship was almost completely non existent in the two films and I was really upset by that.

I know it is a rough cut but there have been many things left out in the previous films and I am disappointed in in Melissa as the screenwriter. She did not do the books justice. Getting someone new for BD would be amazing but very unlikely so I'm not getting my hopes up for that.

meleny said...

I'm with all of you guys, this it's one of my favorite books and I can't believe they going to do that! What happen with Melissa? She is leaving many important parts of the book aut, I hope I like the movie!

Ursula said...

I really dont know exactly how much involvement the director ends up having with changing the screenwriting or editing ... I wonder if New Moon ended up being so close to the book because Chris chimmed in...

I mean Twilight, left a whole bunch of things lingering, things that if you haven't read the books then you have no clue why they are happening.
New Moon was much better as far as sticking to the books, and Eclipse is my favorite book.... I was really hoping Melissa would just stick to the books and stop changing things around in place for stuff that didn't happen!! UGH!

I need to stop talking about this, or Ima pop a vein on my forehead!