Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doug Booth Talks Robert Pattinson Comparasions

Talks about Rob at 1:21

Up and coming Brit actor Douglas Booth has been chatting about being compared to Robert Pattinson.

The 17-year-old actor and Burberry model, who stars in the upcoming Boy George biopic Worried About The Boy, is being touted as the new Pattinson thanks to his similarly blossoming career and boyish good looks.

However, Doug says the comparisons can be frustrating at times: "He's not a bad person to be compared to but it's also tough because you always want to become your own person. You don't always want to be compared to someone else but it's most certainly not a bad comparison."

Worried About The Boy is a one-off drama about the life of eighties pop icon Boy George. Doug explained how he prepared for the role: "I got to meet him quite a few times now. I also had his autobiography Take It Like A Man which is a brilliant biography. So I study the early section which is all about his childhood which brought me to where I start playing him at 18 and then the script gave me the rest. And I took in all the interviews I could and let it sit in the back of my head subconsciously and hopefully influence my performance."

Worried About The Boy is on BBC2 at 9pm on Sunday 16 May.


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twmmy said...

And if anybody mentions Rob's name, immadietly is on the centre of news. If he didn't mentioned Rob,nobody knew about him, right ?

Jane said...

He should feel so lucky to be compared to Rob. He is cute but not Rob cute. Nobody like Rob.

yaelfica said...

@twmmy i think so too..u cant be compare to rob so early in his (robs)career i mean he is THAT famous.. but even if u tried he has no competition..pure publicity stuff

twmmy said...

@yaelfica yes, yes. Is too early to compare anybody to Robert, though I love Rob's act and personality.
And I have no urge to see this boy and this film somehow they compare him to anybody.Usually I don't like to be influenced to see anything, especially not by the media. I'm usually going opposite to the media.

Gisel said...

Rob hay UNO solo !!!

who is this kid anyway?

Can't-get-enough-twilight said...

What is up with these Englishmen and their drool worthy chiseled jaw lines? It's not fair that they already have a knee buckling accent but those jaw lines and beautiful lips? It is just deliciously sinful!
But he definitely doesn't have anything on Rob.

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Cyndi said...

I agree. There is only ONE Rob! No one can compare, and I think this is just a stunt for publicity. I've never heard of this guy or being compared to Rob. Who compared him? Another nobody?

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