Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rob to Presente MTV Generation Award for Reese and more details about the MMAs

According to the video and screencaps:

Best Male Performance (Rob nominated) will be on act 1.

Looks like Best Kiss (Rob and Kristen nominated) will be on act 5 with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively presenting.

The MTV Generation Award (that will go to Reese). According to the video Rob, Chelsea Handler and Patrick Dempsey will present.

The Breaking Dawn trailer is probably MTV Exclusive Clip #3 and will be on act 9. Rob, Kristen and Taylor presenting.

Video | Via | Cap


Nicole said...

They didn't say anything about Rob presenting Reese with the awards and the pics are to blurry to see anything?

mandy said...

I can read rob, chealsea and patrick dempsey names on the screencap

Calihi27 said...

SO excited for Sun! Dying to see his hair and what he will wear! (hey that rhymed!) I think that's so cool that Rob is one of the presenters for Reese's award. I hope Rob wins in his categories! *goes back to vote yet again*

Iluvthemovies said...

I also see Rob's name and it would only make sense that he would be one of the presenters since they both co-starred in WFE recently. I do find it funny that Ryan Reynolds will be presenting the Best Kiss award when two years previously he and Sandra Bullock presented it to Rob and Kristen for Best Kiss for Twilight. Hopefully Deja Vu will happen all over again. I just hope this time we get more than a gimmick from Rob and Kristen or next year no Best Kiss, what is the point. I know I can be cruel, but I want to see some heat. I just hope the award does not go to Kristen and Taylor, I think I may switch it at that time and then return after a few minutes. I like Taylor but not for Best Kiss. @Calihi27 I am also dying to see what Rob and Kristen will be wearing. Can't Wait.