Monday, June 6, 2011

New Pictures of Rob and Kristen Heading To The MMAs After Party

ETA: Added video

A few more pap pics from the car

Thanks to Pattinsonlife


RKsoulmates913 said...

Gosh must be annoying and disturbing those vulturazzis around their car and lots and lots of flash, and I don't even know how the driver can drive. This kind of pics are disgusting.You can see how RK are uncomfortable.
Glad they won many awards yesterday, they deserve each of them, not bc we voted like crazies(LOL),but bc they work/worked hard for them.

XO from Brazil

Aitch said...

That vehicle looks like it is going through a car wash!
Kristen wears a torn white T to an after party at fancy Soho House. I just love that spunk!

Nimas said...

What the hell?!! Why can't they leave them alone??? they're human being as well,for crying out loud!