Sunday, June 5, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011

ETA: New pictures - New HQ pictures are added at the top of each category (best male performance, best kiss, breaking dawn trailer...). New MQ pictures are added at the top of the MQs

Tweets and backstage info at the bottom of the post - before screencaps

Rob won:
- Best Male Performance - Best Kiss (with Kristen) - Best Fight (with Bryce and Xavier) - Best Movie (Eclipse)


HQ Pictures


Best Male Performance

Best Fight

Best Kiss

MTV Generation Award

Presenting Breaking Dawn trailer

Eclipse wins best movie


MQ Pictures

(A little bigger than the other backstage MQ pics)



HD Backstage Video - All parts of Rob backstage are in

Rob, Kristen and the cast backstage

Rob backstage before the show

Rob wins Best Male Performance

Rob, Bryce and Xavier - Best Fight

Rob and Kristen - Best Kiss

Rob presenting MTV Generation Award

Rob, Kristen and Taylor presenting the Breaking Dawn trailer

Eclipse wins Best Movie


@OhMyCarlisle: Robert Pattinson just went in backstage. #MTVMovieAwards He looked good. He waved, but didn't come over.
@taryder: Rob and Kristen in own land during trailer laughing and hugging... She did a little dance during "bed scene" when crowd cheered
@taryder: They also held hands (again) while running off stage. It's no kiss but.... Something?? #MTVMovieAwards
@popsugar: Pretty sure I spied Rob and Kristen holding hands on stage in the dark while they watched the #BreakingDawn preview!

From MTV's Live-blog

9:16 PM We were a bit worried when we didn't see Rob on the red carpet, but looks like he just skipped all of that and headed straight to the stage for some golden popcorn glory!
9:18 PM Speaking of Rob, our very own Josh Horowitz is currently chatting up the "Twilight" sensation about his big win for "Eclipse." Stay tuned for more details!
9:21 PM Robert's psyched about the Best Male Performance win, but based on what he just told Josh Horowitz, he's pretty nervous about what might happen if he wins Best Kiss -- he says he's got nothing planned. Rob, start planning!
9:40 PM Newly minted Movie Awards winner Robert Pattinson is back at his seat, and he's getting tons of congrats from the folks sitting around him.
9:46 PM And Robert's back in the theater just in time to win ANOTHER award! Best Fight goes to the "Eclipse" crew!
10:01 PM Our very own (and no longer armless) Eric Ditzian just talked with Best Fight winner Bryce Dallas Howard, who says the victory all comes down to two words: "Rob" and "Pattinson." Agree or disagree?
10:06 PM So, Edward making out with Jacob... and now Taylor's backstage giving Kristen Stewart a chest bumb. #thathappened
10:08 PM Even when he's not winning, Robert Pattinson is STILL on the Movie Awards stage. Ridiculous! (P.S. congrats Reese!)
10:17 PM Alright: three awards to his name and an absolutely unforgettable (and filthy-mouthed) speech. It's not over yet, but we think it's safe to say that RPattz is the 2011 MTV Movie Awards MVP.
10:25 PM By the way, if you thought Reese might've been a little weirded out by Rob's speech, don't worry -- they're still cool. Josh Horowitz just chatted up the Generation Award-winning actress, who had nothing but the best to say for her "Water for Elephants" co-star.

Screencaps - Not in order

Screencaps: 1 | 2 | Check more screencaps at TwilightPoison
Videos: 1 | 2 | 3
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anani said...

so embarassing made a complete ass od himself

Anonymous said...

He's fine calm down. HE made the show fun to watch at least !

tintinlundgren said...

i agree he made the show funny even though it was embarrassing at some points in the show, but it only happens once a year. So why not live for a moment??

Iluvthemovies said...

I luved the unexpected kiss between Rob and Taylor, you just knew Kristen and Rob were not going to kiss. His first speech awkward but nice. Second even more awkward not as funny for Best Fight and I am not going into his speech for Reese, I would rather forget it. However he did do some redemption when presenting the BD clip I thought he was lighthearted and loved how Taylor gave him a nudge on his chin.

Rob please prepare something for next year, it does not have to be long, take a note from the little girl who won, she was adorable with her chocolate wasted comment.

@anani have to agree w/u on that portion of the presentation of the Generation Award.

We can disagree on this if you thought it was funny, great, I did not to each his own. I still adore Rob, just not one of his finer moments for me personally.

annjenny said...

You are amazing! This master post is incredible!!

Calihi27 said...

I thought Rob was hilarious and adorkable. <3

Alessandra said...

Is there any chance of a zip please?

dariel said...

Both Pattinson and Stewart are awkward and not very poised or professional unless given a script, apparently. Just shows how good actors they really are to be so cool in movies and so absolutely stupid unscripted. No wonder they are together, they are dopplegangers!

nic said...

Has anyone noticed that in one of the photo's of Rob and Kris that Rob has his hand around Kris's hip when they are presenting the BD trailer

Nicole said...

ok my two cents...

I thought he was great. Totally stole the show. It would have been boring without him. And i'm not just saying that because i am a huge Rob fan. Yes, his speech about Reese was a little odd, but it was better then Patricks predicable one. It was the MTV awards not the Academy Awards. And i have to give a shot out to my girl Chelsea! Love her as always. And Reeses come back was great!

The best Kiss award was great. We all knew they weren't going to kiss, but i love how guarded Kristen was when Rob got close to her. You can tell he really doesn't care about PDA and just keeps his guard up because she does care. They are the most adorkable couple ever.

So thanks to Rob and Kristen for an entertaining Sunday night!

j said...

For those that insist on passing judgement on Rob, please watch the clip again. He OBVIOUSLY messed up the joke and is OBVIOUSLY embarrassed about having to ad lib his whole speech. Even Reese came to his rescue too, so please lighten up.

If you want perfect speeches, then Taylor is your man. Public speaking is not for everyone and unfortunately Rob has one of those no-filter mouths that gets these kinds of reactions from people. But he's not running for office here, its just an award show.

JA said...

@Nicole, you are my twin

JA said...

I laughed out loud whenever rob spoke...possibly the funniest and most adorkable he's ever been. i don't want to EVER see him any other way. yeah, taylor is what you get when you get poised. yawnnnnn. this show is the example of why i'm a rob fan. it's really not about the looks, ha! kudos to the Rob Show last night!

taylor said...

how was that embarrasing to watch? i loved it i thought it was hilarious! and rob is adorkable!

Nicole said...

@JA we would be bffs!

Taylor is so scripted it makes me sick...but it was kinda funny when he was watching the makeout session in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

We missed you Rob <3 I just love the "second-hand embarrassment" feeling whenever I see him try to be funny! I was cringing for him! I love it.

khush said...

hey..thnkxx soo much 4 this big post..
hey...1 request..
can u make a zip file for dis post..
would reallyy appreciate it...pleasee.....
thnkxx..hope u provide the zip file..ur alwaz d best 4 giving pics thnkxxx.....

JA said...

@Nicole, i know right? you even have jacobhate, ha!

MesmerizedbyRob said...

BEST show EVER!!!!!!! Just when I thought I couldn't love the man even more than I already do last night proved otherwise!! Rob stole the show totally. In my opinion I thought he was even more funny than the host. I love him for being so adorkable awkward SEXY goofy FUN and so on. :-) He gets me every time. ALWAYS putting a HUGE smile on my face. HILARIOUS!!!!!!! :-D

MesmerizedbyRob said...

It proved that he is just as human as the rest of us. :-) He is not perfect.

MesmerizedbyRob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tgrno1 said...

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