Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holly Grainger talks about working with Rob in 'Bel Ami' "He hasn't changed"

Total Film (September)features an article about 'Bel Ami' and an interview with Rob's co-star in the movie, Holly Grainger.

Total Film says the movie is expected to Dec/11, but according to the last contact with Protagnist Pictures, the movie is set up to early 2011

See both scans below:

Full page scan (of Holly's interview)

mediocrechick at Pattinsonlife


Iluvthemovies said...

I am so happy to see them performing together again. The screen should sizzle with all the action in that movie and I'm not talking about big guns and explosive types of action and again maybe I am. Looking forward to see this in December.

erpatz said...

That's my boy !!! I love Daniel Gale and charlie...cute couple..

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

hi my three favs!! i know i'm really late and wont get to "see" u tonight but i'm leaving this for tomorrow as always..

@twilightnanishu ;) out gallavanting like Yaelfica!..'s really scary how well u know me and u haven't even met me yet!! haha
yes i was out on a birthday issue..long story...

ohhhh i miss ROB.. i know he's out there somewhere but..well i hope he's relaxing and enjoying his time off..

tomorrow i have another long day...i have to go shopping for presents coz we have "dia del niño"(children's day) on sunday and i have many children on my list! none of them r mine so i feel like i'm a white beard away from becoming santa claus... hehe.."that's coz u r still single!" my mom always says LOL

kisses and bear hugs to my favs..miss u all :(

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

what would i do without RPL!!

my favs---->

twilightnan said...

@'s 7:30pm here in England,the weather has been dry but getting a bit of the that chilly wind now..have u done ur shopping??how many god children?it looks like ur going to have a hectic day on Sunday..what sort of presents do u give? toys? sweets?..I can understand the expense ..hehehe..I have got 3 granchildren..boy-9yrs,boy-2yrs in sept. and a baby girl-8 months ..they keep us very busy as they live nextdoor to us..we joined the two gardens together so plenty of room for them to run around..anyway enough about me..back to our precious golden deliciously handsome ROB..any news where he is..any scoop filtering ur way?..i don't go on twitter so I don't get an up to date events..i am so glad about this site..otherwise I would be lost like u..bye for now maybe catch up later..kisses to all my fav ladies!!