Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are Ashley and Xavier sick of being asked about Rob? And David Slade talks about Rob and filming E/B kisses

Ashley and Xavier interview

-Talk about people asking them about Rob at 1:30

Nikki, Kellan and David Slade interview

- Kellan jokes he has Rob's phone number on speed dial at 3:00
- David Slade talks about Rob and filming E/B kisses at 3:18

Source - Thanks to Anna for the heads up


Iluvthemovies said...

Those kissing scenes to me brought back the romance. Luv them, especially the first meadow scene, in the bedroom "you'll always be my Bella", and of course the leg hitch/proposal scene. That leg hitch scene better get an MTV Best Kiss nomination next year and if they win, I want some real kissing no dumb circus tricks or awkward fake kissing.

twilightnan said...

ITA with u on this @ Iluvthemovies..yes! yes !yes !this I believe would be Rob and Kristen's best gesture to acknowledge their appreciation to all the dedicated fans who will vote and will continue to support them..come on Rob and Kristen make this third time lucky for the fans!hopefully the votes are not going to be split...we might even end up with J/k kissing on the stage next year..God help us..yulk!or that remember me girl and Rob..ay ya yay..as Yaelfica might say..AY CARAMBA!!all Rob's fans must unite to ensure EDWARD AND BELLA KEEPS THE BEST KISS MTV AWARD FOR 2011!!

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...
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♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

@iluvthemovies LOL
and all u guys should check this out:


i'm starting to freak out for some reason...what does these numbers mean..?

twmmy said...

Yaelfica, that means, Eclipse does well in the boxoffice, not as well in sixdaysbox as the Transformers, but it's good. The ranks doesn't means too much, films for men doing better always.

Iluvthemovies said...

I saw that, thank you for providing it to us. Of course it will be this coming weekend to determine whether Eclipse has staying power. If it drops more than 50% that is not a good sign. New Moon last year had a fantastic opening but the following weekend dropped 75% of it's audience. Eclipse to me is the best movie of the series with flaws but we will have to wait and see. Avatar stayed on top for a very long time, we will have to see if Predators opens strongly and knocks Eclipse off its pedestal.

Take care,