Saturday, March 20, 2010

Remember Me: Why The Critics Are Wrong On This Movie


I can appreciate that Remember Me is accused of having “tired story lines” or happening in “bored to death land”, a bad performance from Robert Pattinson, and having a “disrespectful end”. What I can say is: this movie doesn’t follow rules and this is not necessarily wrong. It is like when you learn how to write an essay, somebody tells you that a well-written paper “must” follow an acceptable format. Remember Me is an excellent movie and I understand why critics are bashing it, it is because don’t follow the acceptable rules. I think that this point of view is wrong used in the case of Remember Me. Like I said in my previous review, we experienced a suicide in our family, and I can tell that when you have to go thru this kind of tragic experiences (like mine or murder) the most probable is that nothing that you have to live follow the “rules”. Your world is completely shaken by angst, regret, guilt, and you never know how are you going to react everyday. This movie is a real portray of what a loss like this represents. Please, don’t be worry about see it because our pain is not contagious. This is not the swine flu. This is just a real and fair portray, that is unchained by the fact that the main character, Tyler, left someone in to his world. Another thing that is hard to read is that critics said that Remember Me is “predictable”. Right now, I live in San Diego, CA area. Recently the police found the corps of two high school girls raped and murdered, and I don’t think that any person can tell to their two unfortunate families how “predictable” their suffering will be, or when this must end. I am sorry; I don’t mean to be rude. I am just making my point, is very frustrating to read that someone in this kind of tragedy can be qualified as “unhappy people”, “depressed”, “bored” or “still sad after 8 years”. Sadly, I must clarify that to live a experience like this is not a choice that people make, it just happen.

Second thing. This is something that critics will not like: I must say that Robert Pattinson is a great actor if he didn’t live this kind of experience, because he understood and explained to audience our feelings. I think I heard a girl expressing about him, she told: “he sees and he listens”. I must add, “he feels” and the most important thing “he transmits”. I pay more attention and my opinion is that Robert Pattinson in his performance as an actor has a very powerful innate instinct to transmit feelings to others. Hollywood and critics can be pissed off because this not comes from an acting technique. Is an innate personal skill that combined with his determination gives an instant connection with the public. In Remember Me he gives a great acting performance.

(Spoiler Alert: stop reading) Finally the end is not disrespectful, because the real end is in a few seconds’ scenes: she overcome, they overcome. This is the only “happy ending” that we, the people involved in tragedy, can aspire to. We will never forget, we will always remember, and somewhere, someday and somehow we will learn to diminish the pain for the loss, and start to handle it, in order to move on. We will always remember and overcome the bad and toxic feelings. I understand the mixed reactions because it is related with a national tragedy, but it’s done in a respectful way. Every person has inside his or her own grief rhythm, and if the end would be different, audience would not connect whit the possible overcome; which is the main message of the movie, and I can see that general people understood this better than critics.

Remember Me is a great movie, a piece of art. You must see it to have your own opinion. You can say that I am bias, but I think that so far is the better drama movie with a meaning in many years.
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Maria Alejandra said...

eeee i am from colombia and the premier of remenber me is the 26 of march and i going to see it because i believe in the perfomance the rob and the the story becuase my brother suicided too and it`s something very difficoult to forget and assimilate and the depression and the sadness its so deepy, i thankful for defend something that is unic and goes against of the normal.

when i see it i write to you.