Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Caps from the 'New Moon' DVD Extras - Rob Ruins a Scene and More From His Bday Surprise

Rob ruins a scene in the "Becoming Jacob" Extra.

More caps from Rob's bday surprise

Thanks to Robstenation


roseinnyc said...

how cute! birthday robert :) it's funny for him to be celebrating his birthday dressed as edward cullen!!

behnaz said...

so cute
very nice
i want to see this video

TwiKlutz said...

Aww I could just sink my teeth in2 that, & yes I mean the B’day Boy not the cake ;-)

Tramanh said...

It was funny that when he made the meadow mistake, he pulled Kristen along with him, and she was the one who helped him from going down. Kristen and Taylor was laughing so hard.