Monday, March 1, 2010

'Remember Me' Premiere

MQ - Thanks to Pattinsonlife


From Twitter - I'm sorry I lost track of who tweeted these pictures

Fan pictures - thanks to | rpattzlawyer | twiexaminer

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Rob signing autographs

Rob entering Paris theater

Rob at the Premiere

Rob and Kristen leaving the Premiere

Access Hollywood Interviews Rob

ET Interviews Rob

Twilight Lexicon Interviews Rob

MTV Interviews Rob and Emilie (2 videos in 1 - Emilie's videos starts as soon after Rob's)

Articles: Emilie talks about Rob
Article/Video: Rob talks about the Shower Scene | Emilie talks about Rob
Article: Kate Burton Praises Robert Pattinson

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Antonia Cullen said...

Lightning fast! How do u find time for this?

rpattzbutt said...

emilie's make up is amazing.. but her dress looks weird to me




Lee said...

As a Nonsten I don't know what I'm supposed to be "taking".

Of course she's there. If my friend were having a premiere, and I was invited, I'd go. Most nonstens don't deny they're friends, we just don't think they're dating. Show up at places together does not mean they're dating. Nikki has been out with Oregano a lot, and Sage, is she dating them? Rob doesn't leave the house without TStu, is he dating him? No.

Katally said...

OkI agree with Lee what have Nonstens got to TAKE. Being there or not means nothing so don't get so excited RPBUTT.
Besides where are the pictures of her there. None that I can see. Or is this another of those mythical sightings of them together all loved up?
I would class myself more a Nonsten but don't care one way or the other about what R/K do in their personal life. Not my business! Just can't get over the childishness of Robstens like you RPButt.

lexie said...

the 3 of them look so beautiful.
thanks u r fast!

Ursula said...

I have no words for these pics, he looks gorgeous on every single one of them! :)


Twi said...

There are pictures of Kristen on the Red Carpet on or I'm neither a Robsten nor Nonsten - both terms seem equally silly.

I do see though that Rob and Kristen are more than friends. That seems very obvious to me (Paris hand holding pap picture was proof.)

Question for Nonstens. What do you make of RK being together so often? She is the only woman he has been consistently seen with for a while now. I see them together during NM shooting (off hours), Comic Con 09, post RM shoot in LA (Chateau Marmont etc), throughout Eclipse filming, Isle of Wight fan picture, London, now NYC. If they are "just friends" is Rob celibate, single for over 2 years? How is he without a girl/woman for so long?

It seems obvious to me but just wondering why some are in denial about the obvious. What is wrong with Kristen? She seems real, down-to-earth and they are together when they don't have to be. I guess this makes me a Robsten fan but I'm just stating the obvious.

Ursula said...

I'm team dontcare-sten, but I gotta say that Kristen looked really pretty at the Premiere tonight :)

eltiashop said...

i agree with ursula, whatever kristen wear she always beautiful ^__^ look at the LG dress... i think it's so weird

behnaz said...

robis hot

behnaz said...

robis hot

meleny said...

I'm with Twi!
They are dating. Rob looks so hot, I love him.

saim said...

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