Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rob's mom should be "very proud" says someone who should know

Gossip Cop was fortunate enough to attend the premiere of “Remember Me,” and was truly impressed with Robert Pattinson.

Without giving away the plot points, “Remember Me” is a very emotional film, and Pattinson leads the charge with an incredibly powerful performance.

But Gossip Cop wasn’t the only who felt Pattinson was gripping onscreen. Quite randomly, as we were hanging out talking to a friend from L.A., one of the film’s actors approached a blonde woman standing next to us and began to sing Pattinson’s praises.

That co-star was Kate Burton, who plays the executive assistant to Pattinson’s high-powered father (Pierce Brosnan). And the blonde woman who Burton approached was the star’s real-life mom, Clare Pattinson.

So what did the actress say to Pattinson’s mom?

Burton told Clare Pattinson that she was legendary screen actor Richard Burton’s daughter – whoa! – and that Pattinson is a special actor, and she should be “very proud.”

Among the others in attendance at the post-premiere party were co-stars Brosnan, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, and yes, Kristen Stewart, who hung out in the same VIP area as Pattinson.


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Jane said...

Can't get enough of Rob Pattinson. I see Kristen was there supporting her man. she is beginning to look grown up.