Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cannes 2014 - Index Post




> Variety (print)
> RTL (audio) 
> Le JT (video) 
> TG5 (Italy) (video)
BFMTV (France) (video)
Metro News (print)
M6 (France) (video)
France 2 (video)
> First Coast News (video)
> AP (print)
> Le Parisien (print)
> Le Grand Journal (video)
> Le Nouvel Observateur (video)
> USA Today (print)
> France Inter (audio)
> Ciné Séries & Cie (video)
> Vanity Fair (print)
> David Michôd talks about Rob with Indiewire (print)
> LA Times (print)
> Les Inrocks TV (video)
> BBC America (video)
> David Michôd talks about Rob with HitFix (print)
> ET Canada (video)
> Le Grand Journal - Kylie Minogue (video)
> Olivier Assays talks about Rob with Allocine (video)
> Guy Pearce talks about Rob with The Daily Beast (print)
> Verissimo (video)
> Scoop With Raya (video)
> My TF1 News (video)
> At The Movies (video)
> Hello Magazine (print)
> Le 1945 (video)
Les Inrockuptibles (print)
> Renconstres de Cinema (video/print)
> L'Hebd'Hollywood (video)
> Le Figaro (print)
> Telepro (print)
> RTL Radio (audio)
> VSD (print)
> Associated Press (print)
> HFPA (video)
> IMDb (video)
> BBC (video)
> BBC Arabic (video)
> Sky Cine News (Italy) (video)
> MTV UK (print)
> Little White Lies (print)
> Szeretettel Hollywoodból (Preview) (video)
> Szeretettel Hollywoodból (Full Interview) (video)
> The Herald Scotland (print)
> The Vent (print)
> Best Movie Italy (print)
> Little White Lies - Full and Unedited Interview (print)
> The Sunday Times (print)
> Yahoo Singapore (print)
> Kinowetter (video)



CEJSMom said...

You guys are fabulous!! Thank you so much for all the pics/links everything!! Totally love your blog!!

zsuzsip said...

Love all this & thanks again for all your work on this blog!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, you're wonderful

Unknown said...

Thank you so much. I love you girls

Unknown said...

Never bored to watch twilight from saga till breaking dawn pt. 2 :D you have so many fans in indonesia rob!

Iluvthemovies said...

RPL you rock. TY for the fantastic coverage of all things regarding Rob in Cannes.

vana said...

Have loved every second of your coverage of Rob our King of Cannes.

twmmy said...

Thank you for your fantastic work for us!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like everyone is on the same wavelength! I was just thinking today what a great website you have!!! So streamlined, modern and current on everything!!! Your coverage of Cannes has been excellent. Brilliant job RPL gals.

Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!!!...

Definitely the most up to date, serious, respectful, and organised site I have ever seen!!... :x
You should become Mr Pattinson's official page... seriously... I mean it...

It's easy get lost with all the posts, and you put it on silver plate for everyone to see, everyone!!... Thank you!!...
You're.... amazing seems not enough word... You're amazing and so much more!!... :D


james said...

you guys are fabulous!! Thank you so much for all the pics and everything!! Totally love your blog!! Now its time to avail dry van dispatch services for more details.