Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Water for Elephants BTS Still + Old Still Now in HQ

From the Polish DVD. Thanks robpattinsonpl

And this one, posted before, but now in HQ. Thanks RPAU

click for HQ

20th Century Fox


twilightnan said...

OH!! I love WFE ROB!!..just look at him so tall and handsome..OMG!!his posture and those Longggg legs are to die for!...as one of the critics said Rob played that period drama chracter 'Jacob' very well...all my best wishes for the release of WFE dvd in USA & Canada!on Nov.1 I'm sure it will do very well!!

Anonymous said...

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Hi everyone, hope you´re doing well:)
Can I ask you something? My first language is not english and I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what means "is love life is looking distinctly grey."
I read the interview and I got it most of it except...I can´t undestand that expression.
Thank you so much:)