Monday, October 24, 2011

More new HQ/Untagged Pictures and Fan Pics of Rob at the Paris Fan Event

If you missed, here's our Paris Fan Event Master Post - hundreds of pictures and fan pictures and tons of videos.

Since that post is too long, I'm making a new one

HQ/Untagged Pictures - thanks to Pattinsonlife

MQ/Fan Pictures

From cinetelerevue



From DarkMagazine|Via

From Nivrae|Via

From LeRpattzClub - there are a couple videos too

Thanks to Fantastique_W

That video was posted before but here the first 30second are new (ps: turn your volume down!)

Almost whole Q&A thanks to alienor7331


priscilaferreira said...

parabéns esta lindo seu blog amei cada foto é lindo perfeito

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a zip please?

twmmy said...

THX for your hard work,Mandy.... And hold on for the next few week!