Friday, April 22, 2011

More new and adorable interviews/fan videos from the WFE Premiere

Interview with Rob and Christoph. James Lipton says he hopes to have Rob and Reese as guests on Inside the Actors Studio and talks about Water for Elephants - via

Adorable video - Reese Witherspoon says "even with a cold" she'd still make out with Robert Pattinson - via BloginityTV

Rob being a sweetheart to fans "Arrange yourselves" - Via elikarae

Fan experience from LetMeSing and Bear's 'Get of my dick' shirt

Yesterday I posted my experience during the Water for Elephants premiere in New York and mentioned a gift that my friends Miriam, Julianna and I had gotten for Robert. Well, here you’ll find out what it was! Another one of our friends got it on video so I’m posting it here so you can all see it. It’s about 5 minutes long but our part starts at about 3:30. That’s when the reporter pulled Robert from taking a photo with me so he’d go with the Brazilian fan. Then at 4:00 he comes back and we give him his gift. You can see him turn and give it to one of his guys. Then Juliana and Miriam got their photos with him.

Robert was really happy with it and said “thank you” after he finished laughing. Funny thng, he was about to stuff it into his suit pocket until Miriam showed him the gift bag we had and then he placed it there.

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Jane said...

For the life of me, I can't understand how Rob can handle all of that. He is so sweet and kind to the fans. Bet he got a kick out of the little shirt for Bear.