Friday, August 6, 2010

InStyle (2008) Outtakes - Untagged

kjmchjzun at Pattinsonlife


twilightnan said...

these are gorgeous,gorgeous,photos..u can just imagine them at this present time..laying next to each other like that.. omg! my imagination is running riot again..hope Rob is having that much needed rest..thank u RPL!!hello to my fav friends if I miss u tonight catch-up w/u all tomorrow..i know Iluvthemovies is here she is just popping-out on an errands..have a lovely day/night to u all..hugs and kisses to u

papagáj said...

I always like how You and the rest of Ur @favs make a bubble and send tons of LOVE in comments cute;)
I adore this site and U All ladies but i regret that i can't comment more often.

I remember that day when i got In style in my hand and i imediately felt in love with this photoshot...little clarification mainly Rob in this photoshot ...ekhem;)

twilightnan said...

Hi @ papagaj..I'm so glad that u noticed our little group of @favs friends sending each others TONS of LOVE,in comments..glad u love the is so addictive and present this group consist of one from Argentina,England and two from LA USA..we are all obviously obsessed and in love with Rob welcome to the group and have fun..look forward to read ur comments in future..I'm sure the rest of the favs wouldn't mind me giving u big hug and lots of kisses on their behalf!!take care u all my safe!!

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

hi my favs!!!

and welcome my new fav @papagaj ;D
i love the fact that we r now called "the favs" haha i love it!!

and of course i love and miss my favs...i'm not home yet but my bff let me use her pc so i could say hello to u all ..

anyone who wants to join our chats is for sure welcome...RPL gives us the chance to not only know the latest of our gorgeous ROB but also get to "meet" beautiful, nice and sweet people like twilightnan, iluvthemovies mrs.deen and many more....sugar rush from Argentina!! hehe

kisses hugs and more kisses to my favs!!!

Iluvthemovies said...

@papagaj, welcome, the more the merrier. Yes, now I guess you can call us the Favs. We love RPL and as you can see we luv discussing Rob and meeting all these wonderful people around the world. I do believe I have seen your name on another site. I only go to two sites that are related to Robert and RPL is the main site. Linda and Mandy deliver the photos and videos to us quickly so we can have a good time discussing all things Rob. I know you said you are unable to comment often but please do comment as often as you can, you can see we can be a very silly bunch, but also a very compassionate group as well.

@Yaelfica, hey sweetie, I hope you are having a blast. Talk to you soon. @Mrs. Deen we are thinking of you. Gotta go. Hugs to all.

behnaz said...

niceeeeeeeeee old pics

andrea chiu said...

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