Saturday, August 7, 2010

44 New Fan Pictures from the 'Eclipse Premiere'

I think these pictures weren't posted yet.

Thanks to licia_sm at Pattinsonlife

Note: Let me know if any of these are yours and I'll add your name as the source.

Source | Source | Source | Source

And if you want even more fan pictures, click on the tag and go back older posts.


Robward and Krisella 2 said...

the pics are from my site

mandy said...

can you tell me the link so I can add the source?

Robward and Krisella 2 said...


and I have more if you want to post

mandy said...

Thank you :) Added :D

I think I posted the other pictures of those posts in a previous entry

Robward and Krisella 2 said...

hi mandy
I found another

See you bb

and thanks a lot
kisses From Mexico

Iluvthemovies said...

@Robward and Krisella2, thank you for providing these to RPL to post. You are really lucky to have been there and get these great shots. The best to both of you. That would really be exciting to be that close to Robert.

mandy said...

Thank you :) Added!

behnaz said...

tnx so much

meleny said...

Hi Mandy!