Saturday, August 7, 2010

3 Pictures from the Eclipse Press Conference - Bigger and better quality

Bigger and better quality than the ones posted before

Thanks to setje at Pattinsonlife for the pictures :)


twilightnan said...

lovin him in yellow...gorgeous smiles as ever..thank u RPL..hi to my favs..anyone here this evening??hugs and kisses to u all!

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

hi my dearest!!! i have just a few minutes to say hello to my favs that i trully miss and to enjoy some pics of our BEBE SHIKITO!! never a dissapointment... ;p

tomorrow i will be here all day i promise!! scouts honor!! hehe
hope u can all make it too..

miss and luv yall!!!

twilightnan said...

oh're a riot..I'm glad ur able to visit the site even for a few minutes're "FAVS" knows that ur busy..preparing for Childrens Day!have a great time be safe..and don't worry ..we will just keep ourselves glued on the site to swoon on ROB..our "bebe Shikito!chat to u tomorrow!!

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

hello again!! i had another extra minutes and i wasn't able to hold myself.. i had to come and visit the site!

my goddaughter was her in the afternoon and she found it hilarious that i tought u to say bebe shikito coz is a very funny complement here to men..they use it as well for women and it's even funnier ;D that's when u REALLY like someone's looks more than u should..;p
luv u guys. tomorrow i will tell u a little more and perhaps show u too somethings about children's day here...the centre of town was packed!!! and it will be open till midnight tks to the amount of buyers...

well i'm off to a little party..i hope i meet my new boyfriend there..wish me luck!! hahahaha oh who am i kidding...i love only ROB...there's no one who can shadow him..:( ;D

and i second iluvthemovies.. @twilightnan don't u dare change the way u comment here!!! we luv our favs just like they r! :)