Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 New Fan Pictures From Yesterday

The yellow shirt. Please wear more yellow, Rob

And earlier - click for bigger

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Pic #2: Source


♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

and to quote bon jovi: i wanna be just as close as the holly ghost is...!! yellow not yellow he drives me insane no matter what color he wears.. ;)

where is everyone!!?

SmittenWithRob said...

i agree, he looks awesome in yellow! I was thinking the same thing, mandy!

JA said...

dead, insane asylums..take your pick :)

twilightnan said...

Hi @Iluvthemovies..just need to ask u..have u ever seen this kind of reaction of fans to any actors in the past..u know..hanging around location early hrs of morning and until late at night?any actors u can think of who gets this kind of overwhelming/almost hysterical reactions from the fans in the past or anyone at present time?? it only Rob??

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

@twilightnan aaahahahaha..picking up a fight anyone??? hehe

well ITA with u so..i have ur back! ;D

twilightnan said...

aha! here u are..been looking for u..good to know u agree and u got my back..but whose got yours?? chat to u more later..kisses to all my fav ladies!!