Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robert Pattinson #2 on GQ:s "The 50 Coolest Men (Under 37 1/2)"



kassiecullen said...

I'm curious.. who is #1??? If not Rob then who the heck could it possibly be?

Iluvthemovies said...

Who in the hell wrote that piece? Internet traffic has gone up 4000 percent by unemployed middle-aged women in their forties. Wow, and to add he is allergic to vaginas which was a joke. Is this sarcasm? I am uncertain, but this is the first time I have read teens and tweens are not involved with the popularity of all things Robert.

I am insulted but I am also gullible so I would love to hear what some of you think of this piece, is GQ trying to be funny, stupid, infuriating, sarcastic, or calling it as they see it.

The problem is some of that personally is true to me, however, at the time when I did begin to be involved in this blog was after Twilight had been released around Thanksgiving 2008. I had already told friends that Robert would be a big star one day when I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, I did not think about Robert again until Twilight and I was working. I have recently been unemployed due to caring for an elderly grandmother. I am just beginning to look for work again now that I am able to get a full-time caregiver but I will still try to be involved in this blog because I want to be certain that Robert makes it in the movies and continues to be in the future. I could care less about his love life, however, I will admit I really do love seeing him and Kristen give their glances at each other. I do not live vicariously through these two, I have my feet on the ground but only wish them both the best. My favorite is actually Johnny Depp and I am hoping once he plays Barabas Collins in Dark Shadows I will have two individuals to drool over but still keep perspective. I've done it again, I go on way to long. Forgive me my rant and story.

♪ Yaelfica ♪ said...

@iluvthemovies Forgive me my rant and story..oh c'mon u know u can write a BD kindda lenght comment and i will sure read it!! hehe ;)
i found it funny though i think they just want it to make it funny but that is my opinion..and as u said they had some things wrong like the "unemployed middle-aged women" which i personally think it is insulting..yes..
i could care less what they think though..could u? hehe

Iluvthemovies said...

Hi Yaelfica,
I am in a mood today, I guess I am nervous because I am beginning to look for work and anything derogatory to me today is insulting, other than that I completely will forget about it by the time I am ready for bed. How is it going? Not to much on Rob, I believe he is done shooting WFE. So we will not see too many stories on him until Breaking Dawn begins filming. I hope he gets plenty of rest and is working out to have one fantastic bod when we see him and Kristen on Isle Esme. I heard Spain won the World Cup, I am happy for them plus Nadal won the Men's Tennis Championship at Wimbledon. Spain is on a roll.

Take care,

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moonriver said...

Obama? or Tom Cruise? I'd like 2 know who no1 is, as well.
I mean, how can Rob b ONLY no2?