Thursday, July 1, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg: "Rob is a courageous actor"

Rob said recently he was very challenged by Slade in playing the role of Edward this time around, and that it felt like a new character. What was the dynamic between Rob and David like?
"You know, David has talked about how Edward has to go from having just gotten Bella back to literally ripping someone's throat out at the end [of Eclipse]. It's a hard journey to get to for a character. So I know David worked with Rob in terms of bringing out that dark aspect of him, and we worked together on the script to make sure that was in there."

Change can be unnerving for an actor, so was Pattinson onboard to bring this new character out? Or did he prefer the Edward in Twilight and New Moon?
"Oh sure. Rob is a courageous actor. He wants something to chew on, as it were! He wanted something meaty to really be able to act."

Source via kstewrobfans


mello said...

David hit a home run imo. Rob in Eclipse was 1000x better than in NM, no doubt thanks in part to David taking a very active role in revamping the role. It was the best of Edward I've seen. He's flirty, charming, vulnerable, and dangerous. Plus David gave us so many beautiful close ups of Edward without the awkward angles. Loved it!

Iluvthemovies said...

Hi Mello,
I luv your comment. I will see Eclipse tomorrow and Saturday, but from the clips I have seen Rob's performance is spot on. I was very disappointed with NM because Rob and Kristen's performance of Edward and Bella seemed to me that they had lost their chemistry and the acting between both of them seemed so awkward. It was painful for me to watch.

Do you feel because David took Edward in another direction which from the clips looks more like the Edward in the book, that Rob's performance is better? Chris Weitz pretty much let Rob and Kristen dictate how their character should be and I believe that is where the problem lies. I do believe that Rob and Kristen do not have enough screen time or big hits to really have a say on their character on screen. It is my opinion only but I would like to know if actors who are not seasoned enough should have a say in their character? I look forward to your opinion.

mello said...

@Iluvthemovies I totally agree. NM was painfully awkward and not because of the sad plot. It's definitely the director's job to set the tone of the film and get the individual performances to fit into his vision. As much as I like ChrisW, he was way too relaxed with the cast. I hate to say it, but Rob had one of the weakest performance in NM. Maybe because he was away so much from the rest of the cast so he was out of synch. He overacted in some scenes and ChrisW should have caught that. Maybe it's not so much that David redefined Edward, but he probably pushed Rob to perform a different way. Plus, now that Rob has more experience, his performance felt more polished. Anyway, in Eclipse the Ed/Bella moments flowed so much more naturally and they looked beautiful. Of course it helps that Edward is now 'I'm all in' and not holding back lol. The magic is back!

Iluvthemovies said...

Thanks Mello, so happy to hear that and I do agree Robert's performances have improved from the other projects he has completed. I want him to be a sponge and absorb all those skills from his peers like, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnon, Christoph Waltz, and Reese Witherspoon. It will only make him a better actor.