Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ruby Jerins talks about Rob and 'Remember Me'

If your co-stars are Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson, it would be easy to get overshadowed. However, 11-year old Ruby Jerins managed to hold her own in the upcoming drama Remember Me, even stealing a few scenes. The talented Jerins spoke to between a busy school day and a night filled with homework.

While she may not have been familiar with all of her co-stars' work before signing on for the film (she watched New Moon with her dad after filming wrapped on Remember Me), she quickly got to know her hunky onscreen brother and gave him two thumbs up.

"Rob’s great! He’s really just a normal was really fun for him to be my older brother. I’ve always wanted to have an older brother. He’s very goofy! He’s fun to hang out with," Jerins said adding with a laugh, "He’s unpretentious."

The film- which has a surprise twist- immediately caught Jerins' attention. "I’d only read a few pages [of the script] and I fell in love with it. I finished it in one night. It was intense but it moved me and I loved it so much."

In the film, Jerins plays the precocious dreamer (and budding artist) Caroline Hawkins. Adding a layer of complication, the sweet Caroline- who also serves as Pattinson's character Tyler Hawkins' confidante- has to deal with a distracted, workaholic father (Brosnan), a broken family ripped by tragedy, as well as a gaggle of mean classmates. One jarring scene in which Caroline finds herself the victim of a cruel prank at a sleepover tested Jerins' abilities and inevitably highlighted her maturity as an actress.

"I didn’t actually have lines [for the scene]. Allen [Coulter, director] just let me go with it," she explained. There’s a lot we don’t have in common but I found it easy to connect with get me into the scene I just felt for Caroline and her worries."

Overall, the experience was one massive highlight for the young actress. "It was so fun and everybody was nice to me."

One particular moment that sticks out in her mind was one in which the smooth Brosnan improvised due to a sudden interruption.

"During shooting one of the scenes towards the end, all of a sudden from out of nowhere the phone rang and without breaking character Pierce just walked up and answered it!" she giggled.

Remember Me hits theaters on March 12.

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Hollywood said...

I hope Ruby gets the credit she deserves. Her performance was stellar. Besides Rob, she was the best gosh darn actress. Sorry Emily, but she did steal the movie.