Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Remember Me' Box Office Update

Remember Me's box office receipts jumped 10.3% on Tuesday. Grossing $735,630, the jump was the largest daily % of the top films. The average change for the top 7 grossing films, day over day, was +1.5%. (Remember Me grossed #5).

Monday's day over day sales was much the same. While the average of the top 7 grossing films dropped -65.9% vs Sunday sales on Monday, Remember Me dropped a smaller 59.7%. Remember Me grossed $664,516 on Monday.

Is this word of mouth at work? Are people who had not heard about Remember Me or people who we have been telling to see this wonderful movie going to see it? Is it a trend? Maybe. Two days does not a trend make, but it is a start.

So keep telling people about Remember Me. Suggest that they see the film for themselves and make sure you see it again yourself. And for those of you who live where it will be released this weekend, make sure you see it.

Total Box Office to Date:
Domestic - $9,489,295
International - $1,770,000

Total - $11,259,295

Remember Me-Film


Ursula said...

I have been telling everybody and their mothers that this movie is just beautiful, 2 more of my friends are going this weekend, I would go again this weekend too but Im holding a New Moon DVD release party at my place so Ima have to wait until next weekend, Im taking 2 girls from the office with me :D

ch said...

well here in Mexico it won´t arrive until march 26, but i will run to see it...can´t wait...

Cindygal said...

...i think it will improve with time. $11m is good considering that the movie only costed $16m!

Simona said...

yes I think is important to tell to people "go to see this wonderful movie". Because really who saw it, loved it.
I'm telling and writing this anyone and everywhere.
Go Rob, Go!!!

behnaz said...

i cant to see
but i want

Ana Ibañez said...

Lee la últimas noticias de robert!

reshma said...

wish the movie releases in india