Friday, March 19, 2010

Positive Reviews For 'Remember Me in German Magazines

Rough translation of the interview - just his answers

First Scan

"It's about not thinking about consequences. Tylor ignores them. He's feels like he has nothing to lose. I hate to handle the aftermath of the things I do. It needs to change."

Allen Coulter said he picked you for the role of Tyler because he thinks you're romantic. Is it true?

"Really? I don't think he meant romantic regarding women. I think he meant romantic regarding my ideas. I idealize a lot."

"I didn't know what I was doing when I became famous."

Second Scan

"Everybody feels lost sometimes. I think it's a good thing it makes you notice something is going wrong and you try to change your life"

"I feel lucky right now."

"I try to make my own decisions and don't listen to greedy agents."

"I rebel against being a star. I'm an actor. Twilight made things easier I don't have to visit auditions anymore."

"I've never seen so many noble hotel room in my life like I did this past year."

"I can't cook. I don't even now how to pour spaghettis. I've heard a lot of jokes about that on set."

"I admire Kristen Stewart. We challenge each other. Kristen impressed me a lot during the massive hype because she's very unaffected by it. She's very wise for her age."

"I'm a guy. It's easier or me to get beaten up by someone than showing feelings. But you learn..."

schnuffel1990 at Pattinsonlife

Translation by littlemonalisa

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