Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW Pictures of Rob on the set of Bel Ami

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ETA: More pictures thanks to mayfrayn @ Pattinsonlife

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Cyndi said...

Always sexy 100% of the time. No question! By the way, Remember Me, was an excellent movie. I hope it will pick up next week. I am proud of him for his acting in it. He did a great job!!

music4debbo said...

Oh yeah, Rob looks so fine. Love how Rob looks in period costumes. SIGH. He just keeps getting more handsome with every year. I don't know how we'll handle him when he's 28 because he's stunning now.
Yeah baby......let me fix your tie for you honey.

Jane said...

My,oh my, look at that man.

Now, for Remember Me. It did not have a rough weekend. 8.3 million for a small movie is not chopped liver. #4 place of the ten movies and he carried it himself. It's not over yet, I am going back for the 3rd time. It's a sleeper, word of mouth will make it explode. Great movie, great acting, Rob was fantastic and the movie professed love and lost to the fullest, so rejoyce over this movie for Rob. I think it did very well since it was not shown in very many theaters.

bandmum said...

Grey pegged pants... frock coat... and SPATS! I adore period costuming, but I'm a theatre kid. Stuff like this makes me all swoony, no matter who it is on. The man does wear his clothes well.

As for a 'rough opening', Remember Me opened in about half the number of theaters Alice in Wonderland was playing in, and still managed over 8 million. I think for a small, under-promoted (yes, it was) dramatic film, it did quite well, especially against the Matt Damon action flick that also opened. Rob and company should be very proud.

meleny said...

It doesn't matter what he wears, he always look nice, sexy, handsome, I adore him ;)

Jane said...

Male model written all over him. He could model all kinds of diffrent clothes and look good in each one of them. Perfect face, perfect body, long and lanky. My kind of man.

behnaz said...

nice nice
he was really jorj deoara

colyflower_nz said...

Well people, this is going to be one hell of a movie! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I've read the script and it is going to be worth watching because I will be "of age" to watch it!!! He looks very prim and educated - a fine young man indeed, very very fine. =P Seriously though, I do love him and wishes the best for him in his life's success =)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

joanb102001 said...

Hellooo, (notorious rake) loverrrr!

Yeah, definately got the whole "I'm gonna fuck your world up, then take your woman" vibe workin'. Rawr!

lexie said...

oh wow yum!!!