Thursday, March 11, 2010

A lot of new 'Remember Me' Reviews - Spoilers

From The Huffington Post

As a joke, I once had a roll of stickers printed up, which I employed to express a certain bewilderment with the world. They were bright orange and they contained a single question:

“Whose stupid idea was this?”

You can see the myriad applications. Were it possible to apply them to movies, I’d have run out a long time ago – though certainly one could easily be resurrected for Remember Me, a movie for which those stickers were made.

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From The Desert Sun

I’ve never been a fan of Robert Pattinson. That assessment is based on the actor’s most famous role to date, the vampire Edward in the “Twilight” films. I thought he delivered wooden performances in both movies.

But after watching him in the new film “Remember Me,” I’m intrigued. He carried the movie from its shaky start to its heart-wrenching conclusion.

Unlike his “Twilight” co-star, Taylor Lautner, Pattinson is making brave career choices. While Lautner will soon be busy working on standard thrillers like “Abduction” or sure-fire blockbusters like “Stretch Armstrong,” Pattinson will bury himself in art-house films like “Bel Ami” and “Water for Elephants.”

Taking a cue from Johnny Depp, Pattinson peppers his resumé with iconic roles such as Edward and memorable characters like the one he played in “Remember Me.” He stars as Tyler, a rebel with a cause who has serious daddy issues.

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“Remember Me” could have been called “The Many Moods of Robert Pattinson’s Hair.”

Scruffy, coiffed, combed, exploding like an M-80 in a haystack, flattened by sleep, wet from having a pot of spaghetti water dumped on him … this young actor’s follicles are the star of the show.

Pattinson (of the “Twilight” saga, naturally) plays Tyler Hawkins, estranged from his rich, powerful and remote lawyer father (Pierce Brosnan) and living in abject squalor in a Soho apartment. He’s angry and sullen and rudely smokes in inappropriate situations. He audits classes at New York University but apparently has no ambition or goals.

We’re led to believe that Tyler’s malaise is a result of the suicide of his older brother, but perhaps he’s just a jerk. It looks as if the actor absorbed all the angst-riddled mannerisms of the late James Dean but overlooked the humanity.

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