Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Insider Interviews Rob - Talks about 'Remember Me', Love Scenes and Pierce Brosnan

'Twilight''s Rob Pattinson is headed back to the big screen in a romantic new role -- and he tells "The Insider" all about filming love scenes!

Pattinson stars in the new drama, 'Remember Me,' and he says of filming love scenes with "Lost"'s Emilie de Ravin, "It's always scary, I think much more scary for girls."

But he says, "Emily's just like completely comfortable in herself so it makes you feel more comfortable with yourself."

Of choosing to do the film, he explains, "I read it in the summer after I just shot my first 'Twilight' film and [was planning] what to do next. ... I read about 50 scripts and this one just stood out. It seemed completely different and I could hear the voice of the character."

'Remember Me,' which hits theaters on March 12, follows two lovers who are coping with their family tragedies as their newfound love affair progresses. Pierce Brosnan co-stars

The Insider

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