Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Huffington Post Reviews "Remember Me" Weekend Box Office

The most oddly high-profile release of the weekend was the romantic drama Remember Me. The film was seen by many as a test of Twilight star Robert Pattinson's draw as a movie star. Of course, if Summit was trying to prop up the numbers by attaching the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer to prints of Remember Me, it might have helped if they had NOT released the trailer online the day before the opening. So while some may decry the 'mere' $8.3 million, we must recall that a movie like this wouldn't have made $1.75 if not for what drawing power Pattinson has. Sure Shia Labeouf can open slickly-marketed thrillers like Eagle Eye and Disturbia, but let's see what happens when he has to open a movie all-by himself that doesn't already look particularly appealing.

Besides, as word leaked out about the film's extended-middle finger of an ending, even some of Pattinson's die hard fans apparently decided to stay away. Speaking of females, the gender split was 84/16 on this one. Point being, if he can open Remember Me to $8.3 million all by himself, he may just be a movie star.


They also have a really nice review here.

The most important and fascinating part of the film is that you believe these characters are who they profess to be. There is not one false note struck among them. Plus this is one of the most romantic movies, in a dramatic way, that has been offered by Hollywood in some time.

Pattinson is totally impressive as Tyler. He has a brooding restlessness about him that should add even more screaming girls to his legion of fans. Plus this role should lead to more offers of serious parts coming his way. Opposite him de Ravin kicks aside her mannerisms from Claire on "Lost" and creates a totally new character. Ally has depth and demons just like Tyler and de Ravin brings every one to the surface.

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Ursula said...

I just came back from seeing it again, I absolutely adore this movie and I agree with the second piece, I too get the feeling of honesty and transparency, the characters are who they are and nothing else.. that's what's so fascinating about them... of course the waterworks started a few minutes before the movie was to end, I couldn't help it...
I will more than likely go a third time with the girls at the office :)

Jane said...

Finally, some good feedback about the movie. I loved it and was so proud of Rob. He deserves praise of the highest kind, carrying a movie for 8.3M all by himself. I just wish it had been in more theaters. It wasn't showing at my local theater. I had to go to the next town to see it which I did twice and will be going again next weekend. Wonderful job Rob.

meleny said...

It was an excllent movie for me, I'm very proud of Rob and I'm going again to see tha movie.