Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great fan report from the 'Remember Me' UK Premiere

@samrosey was at the London 'Remember Me' Premiere yesterday and here is her great report!

I'm on my way back from London & what better time to start making sure I don't forget anything that happened today.. Cuz today was amazing!

When I finally got to London this morning at bout 10.30am and made my way over to Leicester Square I could feel that feeling.. That- shit, why did I come alone again feeling? Nerves quickly kick in and I realise I don't remember what anyone I was supposed to meet up with/ say hey to/not really meet up with at all- looks like!

After a little panic I approach two American girls. Turns out they're studying a semester in London. They're very nice and all panic has now gone.Someone approaches me then and it's Stephanie, one of the people I briefly spoke to online before leaving. She's solo too, so we hang out.

Vicki from @teampattinsonuk phones me up and checks in and tells me to come along where they are.. Already behind the barriers at the top of Leicester square (thanks Vicki!) and right in front of the doors to the Odeon! She's lovely and her friend (so sorry I forgot your name!) and I'm a shit for it cuz you were nice and made loads of chocolate packs with RM on them and gave them out cuz you're a sweety :)After chatting with a few more people we settle and sit in our spots for a few hours.

It was nice being around so many Rob lovers ;) And also fucking funny listening to people and how they think of it all or why they like Rob and so on. I'll say it, a few people were a little, we'll say extravagent in their love for Rob or Kristen or Twilight etc.And some just didn't make any sense.. But I'm not gonna out you here, it's all good. You made me chuckle :D I was expecting a lot of crazy today and it really didn't happen for the most part.

Fuck this is long and they haven't even rolled out the red carpet yet. I'm going to bullet point some stuff:

• After sitting a few hours they made us stand to fit more people behind the barriers, by this point there's hundreds of people (maybe 500?).

• Press and paps start to arrive and they roll out the red carpet which had 'Remember Me' emblazoned on it. Pretty!

• Some people I recognize of the tele box arrive and it's like I all of a sudden realise fuck I'm at a premiere and there will be famous people haha! And most probably some shiteous pretendy famous people cashing in on some camera time with the paps!

• The guy from T4; Nick/Rick, shit I should really find out cuz he's cute :) priorities right? Sets up and starts his intros etc in to the camera, his producer present and he's teasing saying Rob's name a few times to get the cheers.

- by this point apart from the journo/tele people asking the crowd to cheer or shout Robs name, the crowd has been quiet except for chatter!

• T4 producer lady is on.IT and keeps saying arrival in 15 etc! And fuck we're getting a bit excited now!It dawns on me that I'm gonna potentially meet Rob and do I use my 2 seconds to say something or just smile and look pretty! Haha the decisions, decisions!!

• Emilie has arrived and she's tiny! In a little black dress and starts with press, fluttering, ye she flutters! Over to the wating crowds every now and then.. and then back for more press.

- there's a lot more press here than I imagined there would be!! and they talk to each one for longer than you'd think or it seems like that anyway!!

• Other people that showed up on the carpet.. Most interstingly being Tom Felton, the creeper kid (his character, not him) from the Harry Potter's. He's funny he was on '8 out of 10 cats' not long ago and he made me laugh so it was nice to see him. T4 guy interviewed him, he said some really nice things bout Rob, aww!! He signed and took pics with some peeps too!

Holly Valance (WTF) was there.. Same manager! Lemar (singer) he signed and took pics too. Charlie from Busted (and that other band) was there.. A girl from the inbetweeners. And a few people I don't recognize but they were being papped so I'm guessing they were "famous" or whatever! I probably forgot somebody..

• Rob's sisters and mom were there looking glam and beautiful. Proud mama bear Pattinson taking pictures! :) I got quite good pics of mama Pattinson but I'm not gonna post cuz well, she's his mom and I kind of feel like I shouldn't..

• Jesus Christ.. Rob's arrived and the cheer's are amped up a bit, we can't see him all too well yet cuz we're at the top! He spends ages between the crowd at the bottom and the press going back and forth. Moving his way up slowly. Which is nice, and I can wait.. you can tell he wants to see eveyone and keeps trying to go back to the patiently waiting crowd but gets pulled for more press! :)

- Parts of the crowd chant "we want Rob" every now and then! :)

• At some point while Rob's signing I recognize someone.. Oh shit it's Marcus Foster.. So me and Stephanie shout him, he looks but continues walking.. I quickly check my brain and try to take a pic.. The back of him of course! Then shortly after, little beanie clad & skinny jeans TomStu is walking up the red carpet, alone :/ I don't shout him but someone else does and I think he signs for one person and then runs off haha, aww!! Again, I got the bloody back of him!!

• Rob's with Nick/Rick dude doing the T4 thing, I hear him ask Rob something bout ..surely he knows what he's doing to all the ladies when he knows he has to get it on with Emilie (or whoever really) in all these films..! Ha, And Rob's like ..not really!! <3

• Rob walks over smiling big as the people around me start cheering and fuck me he's right there! He's signing to my right and I see a few people get pictures, I take a few but it's difficult cuz as soon as he got close everyone around me (I was the shortest present) are like leaning over me and on me! And I can't keep still, everyone's got their pics and what not in my face making sure he'll have chance to sign. So I switch to video cuz at least I'll get what I can and it'll be in focus.I've reckoned in my head there's no way I'm saying shit! Not enough time to say anything of substance and I want to say something nice but my mouth and basic functions have given up on me .. In part due to standing for many hours, next to no sleep and most my body's kind of numb due to the cold and said standing. At this point I'm thankful for people sqaushing me so much cuz they're really essentially holding me up! So.. He's coming to me and I decided to take my How to Be DVD cover cuz I love it and we're in London and I didn't want to use anything from Twilight.

All I wanted (cuz it just was not possible for me at the time to ask for a pic as much as I was geared up to.. I was a bit smoothered, trying to make myself seem tall like cats do or something at this point) ye so all I wanted was a reaction, eye contact or something.

I show him Art and he does a bit of a double take, stops, looks at me (internal happy dance to beat all happy fucking dances) and laughs. Laughs!! Ha :D result!!It makes me think maybe nobody else had anything from How to Be and also like he was surprised.. Oh Rob *sigh*

Then he's off down the last bit and he's quickly moved the centre in front of us for pap shots etc. Where I proceed to take photos of his behind ;) *and turns out i'm in quite a few pap shots.. to the right in a red cardi, spot me! totally counts as me getting my pic with Rob right? haha er no Sam.. ye! *

Then he's in and gone!! And fuck that was a quicky and half ;)

I'm a little dazed to be honest, sleep monster resurfacing and I'm away with one of the big Remember Me poster boards which were plastered everywhere, that was in front of me. I had put my name on it earlier cuz well others were doing it and the crew said if we wanted them to do that!

A girl trying to take it from me! And I was like chick-fil-a this is mine, see name.. Yes I'm aware we're now back in senior school and I'm 12..She goes, are you really trying to tell me it's yours cuz it's got
your name on it, ha, hell fucking yes I am and off she goes. I have no shame!

This is probably the longest write up for the shortest encounter ever but I don't give a shit.. It's 3.42am. I'm on the coach almost homeand you know what, I met/saw/whatever I'm-going-with-met Robert Pattinson today <3
I'm happy and can't wait to get home, see the beau and my animals and think bout the wicked day I had!

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Jane said...

I liked the interview but all the F words could have been left out. I just think it is tacky for a woman to use them in public or when she is posting interviews.

behnaz said...

tnx for all