Saturday, March 6, 2010

Extras Tweet From The Set of 'Bel Ami'

We've seen the pictures of Rob on the set of 'Bel Ami' (check previous posts for more), now a few extras have been tweeting and sharing just a few details.

From Gourounlian

On SeT with R-Pattz anD ChRistina Ricci and Some ToPpless PEople around me :) oh I do LOve my JOb! X
3:39 AM Mar 5th

Wow I am frezzing on set but we are all having a great time x x x
12:28 PM Mar 5th

@chrispiper83 and Me on the set for BA!
12:32 PM Mar 5th

Just wanna thank you all for the beautiful messages! We are wrap for today day 2 tomorrow x x x night night everyone early start tomorrow
about 21 hours ago

Good morning world! Day 2 of the shooting Bel Ami! 12 hours to go! Hope its going to be sunny last yesterday xxx
about 12 hours ago

From chrispiper83

What a day. Manic early start. Freezing cold. Then boiling hot. And galloping for 9 hours. Who says filming isn't glamorous!!!
11:05 AM Mar 3rd

Off to fllm set. Shattered. Ready for my top hat and tails and R-Patz xx
1:43 AM Mar 5th

The bel ami boys!!!
12:36 PM Mar 5th

From LeeBinding

In costume now. So much product in hair I look like seagull in oil slick. #belami
12:45 AM Mar 5th

Props! I have a fake cigar and a fake glass of fake champagne. Ah, movie magic.
2:25 AM Mar 5th

Oh dear. Have dropped fake cigar in fake champagne during fit of ‘acting’. #belami
3:05 AM Mar 5th

Loving the costume assistant. She’s come dressed as Amelia Earhart.
4:20 AM Mar 5th

Alas, no more filming for me. One day, when you’re older, I’ll tell you all about it…
9:51 AM Mar 5th

Thanks to alison4828 and Bel Ami Movie


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