Thursday, March 11, 2010

Emilie de Ravin on 'Remember Me' kissing scene with Robert Pattinson

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Emilie de Ravin's role as Claire in the TV series "Lost" has lately caused fans to scratch their heads, but her turn starring opposite of Robert Pattinson in "Remember Me" has heads turning.

Namely, the pair share intensely intimate moments on the big screen, from their bold first kiss, to a (clothed) romp in the shower and beyond. When it came time to the film such physical chemistry, however, there were no moments or opportunities for Pattinson and de Ravin to "rehearse": they just headed right in.

"When we [screen] tested together, there was no scenes involving kissing and obviously we didn’t test with a sex scene," de Ravin laughed in her interview with HitFix. She mocked just how awkward such an audition process would become. “'We want to see another scene, so take off your clothes. We just want to see the chemistry, trust us, it’s O.K.'"

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