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Edmonton Sun: Rob Recalls Pestering While Filming 'Remember Me'

Minor Spoilers

New York -Robert Pattinson admits he was in denial when he signed up for the tragic-rebel/romanance film Remember Me.

Yes, Twilight had just come out. But the 23 -year-old actor – Known to legions of young women as the heartthrob vampire Edward Cullen – thought he could put that aside and prepare for his role as a troubled NYU student the old fashion way.

“Before I actullay went to New York, I thought it was going to be really easy, and I could just hang out there ans pick-up on a lot of New Yorkers’ mannerisms,” says the easy-going British actor with the independent hair.

“of course, it ended up being more of a circus than I thought.” And it would only get worse. By the time filming began on the indie rebel without a cause-esque drama,Twilight: New Moon had come out. And while his Aussie leading lady Emilie de Ravin ( Lost) was able to saunter about Queens honing her accent for Remember Me, Pattinson was a constrained by girls in “Team Edward” t-shirts and,more aggressively,by the poparazzi.

At the beginning, it was driving me insane,”Pattinson says. “Especially for a character who’s supposed to be lost and looking for something,and you can’t look up because suddenly shutters accelerate. I mean, halfway through I had an epiphany about it. It was just learning how to block things out.”

Director Allen Coulter finally lost himself one day. “There was the now infuamous day on the stoop this quiet and tender scence (between Pattinson and de Ravin),” Coulter says.”We were losing the light and the paparazzi were frustrated because they couldn’t get a good shot of him all day. we’d put up privacy signs,but there’s this sence the paparazzi have that they own the street. “there was enormous pressure on us, racing light and they decided to fire off there cameras as we were shooting. It was the only time I lost my temper. It was breif and they did stoop. But it was tough anthroughout because of that.”

Is Pattinson a pretty boy whose 15 minutes will run out? Or is there a seriuos actor in him waiting to brust out? He still thinks of himself as a character actor – one that for the time being at least is carrying a 300-pound gorilla on his back.

There’s no question how Tyler Hawkins,Pattinson’s character in Remember Me would have reacted to the frustration. Turn by greif over his brother’s suicide,resentment toward his unemotional executive dad (Peirrce Bronson) and clashing with the policeman father (Chris Cooper) of his girlfriend , he’d have lashed out at breakable or taken a punch at someone who didn’t deserve it. Is he getting into a rut playing brooding,wounded heroes? ” I don’t know…maybe I just am brooding and wounded,” he says snorting at his own words. ” NoI’m not,” he says with a laugh. “you just sort of take little steps’” he says. “I’m always quite aware of how people are going to view things. If I did something where I played Y’know , a 400 pound woman, people are probably going to judge it more harshly than other people who’ve been doing character parts for 20 years” Remember Me, he says was interesrting- but more importantly, it was convenient.

” I read it after the first Twilight film and always kind of liked it. The opportunity came up in between the second and third one which is a really small period of time. You can only do a certain type of movie, and this one was kind of perfect.” Pattinson’s energy, for the time being, is restrained. He recalls fondly his last pre-Twilight role, that of young Salvador Dali in the movie
Little Ashes.” I shot it before Twilight, but it was seen through that prism.”But doing the dali thing, I didn’t think anybody was going to see it, and that’s a very different place to be – when your making a movie that no one’s going to see. You’re not affraid to experiment.”

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