Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Collider Interview With Rob for Remember Me

Last week I got to interview Robert Pattinson for his new movie Remember Me. Since he’s answered every possible question regarding the Twilight franchise and his other upcoming projects, what I decided to do was ask the people who follow me on Twitter to supply me with questions. While I knew I’d get a few things to ask…I was not prepared for the amount of emails and tweets that would be sent my way. I was blown away.

Since so many of you asked about certain things like would he do a commentary on the Remember Me DVD and what was up with his music, I didn’t single out any one person when I asked the questions. Just know I read every single email and tweet you sent in. Saying that, I mentioned who provided me with the first question, and we also talked about what he’d like to do if he had a free day in New York City and will he ever get into social networking. If you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson, I’m confident you’ll like this interview as I made sure to ask a few things that haven’t previously been asked.

Robert Pattinson

What did he learn about himself while playing Tyler
What’s going on with his music
Will he do DVD commentaries for his movies
If he had one day in NYC and he was left alone, what would he do
I ask about social networking and will he ever do it


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