Friday, March 12, 2010

Chris Cooper talks about Rob and the craziness of filming Remember Me

Chris witnessed how rabid Robert’s fans are. He narrated, “In exterior scenes such as Central Park and the New York University campus, instant messaging got the word around quickly. At NYU, about 500 people showed up. The police put up a barrier of some 90 feet so they could shoot the scene. People didn’t seem to care. They broke the barrier until people were within 30 feet of the scene between Emilie and Robert. The paparazzi wouldn’t stop taking pictures.”

Of the “Twilight” star, Chris said, “Robert is dealing with something at his age that I’m quite clear I couldn’t have handled. He’s relatively new to the business. He’s learning the ropes, and he’s handling some of the more difficult issues other than acting –and he’s handling them very well.”

Source via Spunk-Ransom

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