Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boston Herald Interviews Rob and 'Remember Me' Director Allen Coulter

Before Edward Cullen and “Twilight” and the global heartthrob status that followed, there was Robert Pattinson, young actor making his way in the business.

“I thought he was a nice, scruffy young guy from England,” said “Remember Me” director Allen Coulter. He had lunch with Pattinson a year before shooting began.

“Twilight” hadn’t yet opened, and Coulter ultimately cast Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins, an anguished college student estranged from his father who falls in love with the daughter of a cop.

“I thought, ‘What the hell, let’s take a chance on the guy.’ Then suddenly he was a phenomenon.”

When “Remember Me” was filming last year on location in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, security was a must because of paparazzi and fans.

“The actors are trying to do an intimate scene, with a thousand girls vibrating on the hill,” Coulter said.

Pattinson agreed: “The first two weeks were kind of crazy because I was all around (New York University) and Washington Square Park, where there would be tons of people around anyway. But after that you just get used to it. You just block certain things out.”

Why was he so eager to do this movie?

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“I barely like anything and so it’s kind of easy to pick your jobs. I was reading a ton of scripts and what shocked me was it just didn’t fall into any (category). It didn’t seem very formulaic and I’d just read tons and tons of formulaic scripts. It was just such a relief to find that.”

Also, he added, “there was something about Tyler - I don’t know - the way he reacted to things. I hadn’t really seen another character like it in a hundred scripts.”

“Twilight: Eclipse” arrives this summer and Pattinson is set to film the fourth and final chapter soon after.

“Remember Me” opens Friday.

The Boston Herald via Thinking Of Rob

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