Thursday, March 11, 2010

And More 'Remember Me' Reviews... - Spoilers

Hopefully the last ones today. As always, SPOILERS!

From NZHerald

Twilight star Robert Pattinson proves he's more than just every teenage girl's favourite vampire with an intense performance in this smart and engaging romantic drama.

It's a touching love story full of sentiment, reminding us to make the most of every day and to treasure those we love - a theme hammered home by a startling, unexpected ending.

It's this twist for which Remember Me will mostly be talked about, regardless of whether you think it's a breathtaking addition or a cheap ploy. Before this blindside, however, there's an angst-filled young love affair to enjoy, largely thanks to the strong on-screen chemistry between Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost).

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From Eye Weekly

For a film bent so surely on ascending its brooding star to the status of “actor,” Remember Me is surprisingly good. First-time screenwriter Will Fetters and TV director Allen Coulter have concocted a relatable family melodrama/teen-angst period piece (it’s set in New York City in 2001) that has a sense of humour about itself and packs a surprising twist.

Robert Pattinson demonstrates considerable depth as NYU student Tyler Hawkins, a nihilistic child of divorce trying to protect his younger sister from the terrors of her private school. After Tyler is hassled by a cop, his dweeby roommate encourages him to court the enforcer’s daughter, a classmate, as revenge. Star-crossed love ensues.

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From Slant Magazine

Fetters tiptoes on little cat feet up to this pivotal moment in an attempt to impress the viewer with the painful sincerity of bad boy Robert Pattinson's volatile ex-NYU student-cum-bohemian and his equally free-spirited girlfriend (Emilie de Ravin). During the ending, Fetters slams on the brakes frantically and, for no defensible reason, tries to turn the story into an epic tragedy for a modern (i.e. tween) audience. Never mind that this ending is crass beyond belief. The film's star couple can't even convince us that they're really in love so what does it matter that the ending completely and totally shits the bed? (Look at the way they splash each other with water in his shower and wind up necking after they realize that they're both all wet—now that's what I call l'amour fou!) The climax is a glorious train wreck of an ending for a film that's as inauthentic as it is egregiously clichéd. R.Patz haters will get a big kick out of seeing the crestfallen faces of fangirls as they trudge out of the movie theater not knowing what hit them.

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From Twilight Lexicon

Overall if you are looking for a film that showcases Rob Pattinson as a knock-off version of Edward Cullen this is not it. The film is so much more than just a vehicle for Rob. The family dynamics and lack of direction that Tyler has are all things that average people can relate to. This is a story about survival, about being the one that was left behind and how you choose to live your life after being touched by tragedy. There is a heart and soul to this film that isn’t in your typical drama and it is absolutely worth the watch.
One last note bring tissues!!

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From At The Movies - Australia

In REMEMBER ME, ROBERT PATTINSON plays an angry young man, Tyler, who blames his very rich father Charles – PIERCE BROSNAN - for the suicide of his older brother. When he gets into a fight one night he’s roughed up quite severely by a policeman, Neil – CHRIS COOPER. As revenge, his friend Aiden – TATE ELLINGTON – suggests he seduce Neil’s daughter Ally – EMILIE DE RAVIN - who is in their World Politics class at college…

Tyler and Ally fall in love and something good seems to come out of the relationship for Tyler. Charles likes Ally, and so do the rest of his family, including his younger sister Caroline – RUBY JERINS.

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