Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 New 'Remember Me' Reviews - Spoilers

Keep in mind that not every review will be positive. If you read the ones posted already, a lot of them are praising Rob and 'Remember Me'

From The Sydney Morning Herald - Spoilerish

IN Remember Me, Robert Pattinson rejoins the human race. The film was made straight after he finished the most recent episode in the Twilight saga and it surely came as a great relief to him. After doing so well in alerting teens to the sexiness of the supernatural, he must have wondered if he'd be permitted to embrace normality again.

But here he is, playing just another mixed-up kid in the James Dean tradition - except that this rebel does have a cause. He is out to shake some humanity into his father, Charles (Pierce Brosnan). Charles is a Wall Street tycoon so ensconced on the dark side that he can barely spare time to attend the family gathering held to mark the anniversary of his elder son's suicide.

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From TimeOut New York - Spoilerish

There’s tons of brooding for your buck in the hilariously earnest Remember Me, which will hopefully be revived several years from now as a beloved midnight movie. Twilight inamorato Robert Pattinson (star and executive producer) confidently sulks his way through this jaw-dropping mix of come-hither stares, “love me, Daddy!” histrionics and historical tragedy.

He’s Tyler Hawkins, a gloomily soulful NYU student at odds with his businessman father (Brosnan), and who cracks Boyz II Men jokes as if he were Allen Ginsberg reading “Howl.” After getting into a street fight, he’s arrested by a policeman (Cooper) who—it just so happens—has a daughter (De Ravin) also enrolled at NYU. One alpha-male bet with his roommate later, Tyler’s on a retributive date…but then love begins to bloom.

Sex is had, past secrets are revealed, but all is not well in Camelot, as director Allen Coulter and writer Will Fetters shamelessly hint via snatches of summer 2001 news broadcasts (it’s a period piece, see) and a telegraphing glimpse at a certain pair of buildings. I can’t say any more beyond telling you that I came out of the screening with an ear-to-ear grin I don’t usually get from even great movies. Bless you, R.Patz & Co., because this gloriously steaming pile is officially in the bad-movies-we-love pantheon.

From Village Voice - VERY Spoilerish

Putatively a new romance starring Robert Pattinson, Remember Me begins like a vigilante movie: A Brooklyn subway platform, 1991; a racially charged stickup; an 11-year-old girl watches her mother get shot. It's the first sign that here is a film that won't be content just charting the little measures by which two people become able to love—in fact, it'll barely do that at all.

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miccalucce said...

this movie is complete horseshit...the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 have every right to be angry that this movie was ever made. It uses an American tragedy as the backdrop for a teen romance and thats very very wrong. Robert Pattinson proves once again that the only thing worse than his acting is his choice in roles. Shoot your agent, Rob. And for christsake...go out in the sun for a few hours. You look like you bathe in milk.

sbgirl299 said...

This movie in no way uses an American tragety as a backdrop for a teen romance. This movie was about dealing with life. It deal with grief, the parent/child relationship, love, growing up, and tragedy. I'm not going to argue about his acting, but I personally thought it was good. And guess what? 9/11 happened. No matter how tragic and horrible it was, it happened. And many Americans had to deal with losing someone. Thats life. But, I was riveted by the movie and think it was amazing.

oldfan45 said...

been to see remeber me today. robert pattinson said in one of his interviews that he didn't think this film pushed the same buttons that twilight did. weel i loved twilight and no it doesn't push the same buttons, it pushed different ones just as good!! Very good portrayal of a troubled young man. loved it!!

Information Review said...

Good review

I watched this as I am a fan of The Twilight Series. The acting in this movie is pretty compelling. It really tugs a lot of emotional strings. The plot goes from one tragedy to the next, until the surprising finale. Robert Pattinson is the only exception - he seemed like he was trying too hard. Nonetheless, it's an entertaining movie.