Monday, February 16, 2009

News round up...

Rob in Japan on Feb 27th:
Rob, Kristen and Taylor will participate in a fan event at Ebisu Garden in Tokyo Japan. The event will start at 16:30.
New Moon will start shooting March 23rd:
According to Kellan Lutz :
“We start on March 23rd in Vancouver but we have a few weeks prep prior to that. I’m really looking forward to film the birthday scene.”
Danica Patrick: Rob Pattinson Is Pretty Great:
Danica Patrick’s answer, on the question who’s your dream guy?
“My husband, of course. I always liked Leonardo DiCaprio, but since I read the Twilight books, the new vampire, Rob Pattinson, is pretty great, too. My dreams came true, though. My husband really is my dream guy.”
Thank you Monica :*)


Nicole said...

rob pattinson
323 382 9101

Vera said...

they will be in Japan soon?
I want them to visit my place too ~
I am from Hong Kong>.<

laura said...

wtf nicole is that his phone number or what?!

Vera said...

I dont know ... but I dont think the phone no. could be easily shared, so I did not notice on that much. :-)