Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How To Be Festivals & Screenings

Cinequest Film Festival
Satuday, February 28 & Monday, March 2
San Jose, CaliforniaWriter/Director Oliver Irving attending
Durango Film Festival
March 4-8
Durango, Colorado
George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
March 5-8Florence, Alabama
Chicago International Movie and Music Festival
Sunday, March 8
Chicago, Illinois
DC Independent Film Festival
Sunday, March 8
Washington, DC
Burbank International Film Festival
Friday, March 27
Burbank, California
Writer/Director Oliver Irving attending
Australia Premiere
University Hall, University of Technology Sydney
Saturday 28 March, 7:00pm
Sydney, Australia
Las Vegas International Film Festival
April 9-12
Las Vegas, Nevada
Writer/Director Oliver Irving and Composer Joe Hastings attending
California Independent Film Festival in Livermore
Opening Night Thursday, April 16 Livermore, California
Writer/Director Oliver Irving and Composer Joe Hastings attending
First Glance Hollywood Film Festival
May 1-3Los Angeles, California
And coming soon … the East Cost Tour, from Florida to Massachusetts


bookworm13 said...

yay!!! im going to the March @nd screening in California!

Unknown said...

has anyone noticed that rob really enjoys playing depressed/complex characters? well minus cedric fr hp. lolll he said he wanted to play job from the bible too. oh gosh haha i cant wait for this movie. it looks tragically funny.

Jessalva said...

yay for me I get to see this really soon! i wish rob pulls a cool surprise and comes but i wont get my hopes up since he probably a)wouldn't want to do that b)way too busy to even attempt to do anything out of schedule but there is always c) he doesn't care about anything else of twilight and wants to rebel and help out his other movies

heidibug said...

ahhh yay! Im going to the february 28th one in san jose!
its my birthday.
& thats the best present ever. :)))

Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

awesome. looking forward to seeing it here in chicago.

Hennie said...

I hope this film will come to cinemas or dvd. If not then I don't see it :( Its so stuped to live in Finland... Very interesting movies never come here.

KrissyJill said...

"How To Be" at The George Lindsey Film Festival??? Awesome...that's my home town! I know what I'll be doing March 7th!