Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Still of Rob in The Childhood of Leader

From Protagonist Pictures' Site for The Childhood of a Leader


Via @sallyvg


live guest said...

Love to see Rob in character. James Grey is a very good director and Rob will learn a lot from him. So many interviews and magazines covers this morning.

Alesia Breen said...

Yes live guest, isn't it great! I hope I can keep commenting on all of the new info that's coming in but I have to stop to make my dolls for a few people, but I've never been happier and prouder of Rob's success in my life:).

live guest said...

I agree Alesia. It seems like he is everywhere at the moment and as his fan, I am loving it. Hope you sent that Betty Boop doll to someone special.

Allie Jones said...

Sorry what has Betty Boop got to do with it? Rob looks great - I'm super excited he's been able to see this happen. I know it was a goal of his for a very long time.