Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rob's Interview with L'Hebd'Hollywood (France)

Starts at 8:55 - Rob's interview at 10:00
It's dubbed - translation under the video

Didier: Watching the film I remembered something I had read somewhere saying the apocalypse is when human beings are losing their humanity. Do you think the film is speaking about that?
Rob: Yeah I mean. I guess it's also ... I was thinking a little bit about hope. People have lost the sense of hope with each character and I think it's where they are living, if the world is devastated just like that. Either it's economically speaking or extracted inside the world. There's nowhere to go for people. We're watching them and we're wondering how we can live without hope. Is there a reason to live? And I don't know if the film is telling about that but it's rather flexible how you can interpret it

Didier: I like what you are doing with your career after Twilight. I know you love cinema, we already talked about that. When you choose a project like this one or a Cronenberg, is it a way to put your love for the cinema in your work?
Rob: Yeah I mean, basically after Cosmopolis I realized that if you only work with great directors, you'll be never disappointed. No matter what the result is, it's always an amazing experience.

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