Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Water for Elephants Official Site Updates

The Water for Elephants Official Website has finally been updated and it looks beautiful! New content added - pictures, videos and more about the characters/actors

click for bigger screencap

New sections: 'Jacob’, ‘Marlena’, ‘August’, ‘About’, ‘Photos & Video’ & also a ‘The Making Of’ section which is ‘coming soon’.

You can find new stills and the HD videos. This gorgeous new still of Rob/Jacob is featured on the 'Photos & Video' section. Check the page for more new ones of Reese and Christoph.

The 'Jacob' page is my favorite :)

click for bigger screencap

Click here and visit the site right now

Thanks to RPAustralia for the heads up

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twilightnan said...

Looking so Handsome in all the wfe stills..OMG! I'm so excited to see this film..time is dragging..UK. is not until 4th May..NYC..on 17th May looking forward to a perfect Premiere night for WFE!!hugs to the favs:)