Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rob on Jimmy Kimmel

Pictures and video of Rob arriving HERE and signing for fans outside after the show here

The whole interview in 1 video (HD) - Watch here

Full Interview in HD from Jimmy Kimmel's channel

Rob's Intro with fans

MCHammer tweeted

And the gif

Intro Screencaps: ToR

Full interview in 1 video and Intro - Thanks to YolycoPro


Calihi27 said...

LMAO!!!! Rob is so hilarious and I LOVE the tweet from MC Hammer! That is SO DAMN AWESOME! I hope someone lets Rob know that MC Hammer tweeted a response!!! LOL!

Iluvthemovies said...

Wow, these two interviews with Jimmy and Ellen are some of the best with Robert. He seems so at ease with both of them. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, definitely agreed. This appearance, and Ellen are really good. Both Hosts are funny, and just talk/chat with guests, and you could tell Pattinson was enjoying himself. Very funny, and....

I HAVE met MC Hammer! XD Can't touch this!

JA said...

Rob's been great on all the shows. i sense a new air of confidence obout him. And is that semi sex hair we're seeing??

Andy Smith said...

Great videos I love his interview is very nice and his pictures too
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