Monday, April 11, 2011

Fox All Access Interview - Rob hopes his fans will like him in Water for Elephants

Audio is on the video.

Robert Pattinson has one of the most devoted fans bases that anybody can have. Thus far, Pattinson has spent the majority of his acting career working on the Twilight films, which are soon coming to an end. Pattinson is near completing the last of those films, Twilight: Breaking Dawn. But, next Friday, his fans will get to see a different side of him when his new film, Water For Elephants, based on a beloved book, opens in theatres. Pattinson gives what we think is his best performance yet.

We spoke to Pattinson who told us that he knows his mother will like the film, but also hopes his fans will.

Fox All Access | Youtube


Opsable said...

exactly the same as the last one in the interview with (4:00)
no wonder they put just the audio

twilightnan said...

There's nothing to worry about ROB..we already LOVE Jacob..(the wfe jacob)..just making it clear lol!!just in's not wolf!..Hi favs:)