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Twilight Convention Master Post


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- @RobPattzNews: He's HEEERE!! Rob walking in to a sellout crowd!!! #TwiTourLA
- @twilighterz: Rob jokes, "So you're all big Harry Potter fans?"
- @twilighterz: Funniest moment on Eclipse set? Rob says Taylor was wearing little gray spandex and made him feel much better about himself
- @letmesigndotcom: Rob "taylor fequently out man's me"
- @LittleLauren: What aspect was hard to play in 'Eclipse' for Rob? He's pretty stumped (told the crowd to shut up. LOL)
- @HisGoldenEyes: Rob's favorite trait about Edward is that he's humble
- @TwilightLexicon: Rob says he's been awake too long and is in a very strange mood and can't answer questions well.
- @RobPattzNews: Rob: He can't think what his fave part of Edward.. Says he hasn't slept, "Kris says he's been working all night" #WFE
- @twilighterz: Rob and Taylor are bantering back and forth a lot. Very funny. They seem a lot more comfortable together than they used to be
- @twilighterz: TMI: rob says taylors nipple is very hard
- @letmesigndotcom: For the tent scene Taylor has to walk into the tent while Rob grabs his right breast and he has to say "I'm hotter then you"
- @RobPattzNews: Rob says they had to shoot the tent scene bc Taylor's nipples got hard "really easily" lol
- @LittleLauren Rob is heckling the crowd for interrupting his answers. Cast is slightly getting frustrated.
- @twilighterz: Fav book & why? K: NM; R: NM; T: Eclipse by far
- @HisGoldenEyes: Rob is most looking forward to filming the "Scene with the baby in it."
- @twilighterz: Scene most looking fwd to in BD? rob says to Taylor "don't you sleep with the baby in it?"
- @twilighterz: Rob says "I just love babies"
- @TwiExaminer: #twitour Most looking fwd to in BD; R- "don't u sleep with a baby in it?" to T. "I can't wait for the day." T says "don't u sleep with her in it?" R:laughs... R:"yeah, I mean, I just love babies"
- @twilighterz: Someone screamed to rob to say "nachos". Kristen agreed so Rob whispered it LOL
- @TwilightLexicon Taylor says to Rob, "Don't you sleep with her (pointing to KStew) in it?"
- @TwiExaminer: #twitour if made a movie abouit R he would like "my son" to play him
- @twilighterz: Who would Rob like to play him in a movie about his life? Rob says Taylor jokingly...then says his son. AW
- @TwilightLexicon Taylor says to Rob, "Don't you sleep with her (pointing to KStew) in it?"
- @TwilightLexicon Kristen gapes at both of them and gives Taylor the "cut it out" signal.
- @TwilightFB: Rob said to always be nice because you never know when someone will help you out.
- @TwilightLexicon: Advice from Robs dad is to be nice to everyone now when you have success because you will need help when you are down.
- @TwilightLexicon: A fan just shouted "I LOVE YOU ROB" and it was a GUY! LOL
- @twilighterz: Fav movie to shoot? K: Twilight; T: Eclipse; R: Twilight
- @letmesigndotcom: Robs favorite movie to film was Twilight because of the energy it had about it.
- @twilighterz: Some dude screamed "I love you Rob" and everyone cracked up. Then Rob goes "what happened?"
- @TwilightLexicon: It took Rob a while to feel the energy and really "get" what fans felt for Twilight.
- @twilighterz: Rob says his fav movie is the Runaways
- @TwilightFB: Kristen says that 'Remember Me' is her favorite film.
- @TwilightFB: Rob just got asked in an interview about how he felt about being 'typecasted'.
- @LittleLauren: Rob is flustered at the most overused questions. Crowd keeps shouting out things...YOU get the picture.
- @LittleLauren Taylor turned around his chair because he was distracted by Rob and Kristen. LOL
- @twilighterz: Any pranks on set? Rob says he doesn't know and jokes he used to throw up on people
- @TwilightLexicon: Taylor moved his chair away out of protest and then came back and KStew said "Oh you think you can sit with us again?"
- @TwiExaminer: #twitour rob wanted to use kungfu pants in eclipse but got shut down
- @HisGoldenEyes: People keep screaming. Rob: "This sounds like my house.
- @twilighterz: Rob says the eclipse fight training scenes were exhausting
- @LittleLauren Rob says all the I love yous being shouted out is like being at home and his family saying all that, plus "SHUT UP!!". LOL
- @twilighterz: Most important lesson learned from twi experience? R: people in the world desperately want to keep romance alive.
- @HisGoldenEyes: Rob says that he loves how twilight proves there are so many people who want real romance to stay alive.
- @twilighterz: Lesson learned? T: stay true to yourself and not let anything change who you are. Says R and K haven't changed at all
- @IceAngel34 Rob talks about how people want to keep real romance alive, K makes fun of him, he smacks her & tells her to shut up
- @IceAngel34 Also cute moment - At one point Kristen flipped Rob off for laughing at what she said
- RT @robkris13: Kristen said Little Ashes & Remember Me...told Rob she would say all his movies

Source: Pictures from the twitters above + KalebNation and TeamTwilighters
Video: LetMeSign


mello said...

Oh man, I hope somebody got video of sleep-deprived loopy Rob. He sounds trippy.

Iluvthemovies said...

ITA, I am on pins and needles hoping that they have a video that they can upload soon for all us who could not attend. Relying on you RPL, you are speed demons for this sort of thing.

Yaelfica said...

TKS SO MUCH for the post RPL!!! i'm so jelous of the ppl who got to be there!!! i pray for a vid of this...

Anonymous said...

Seriously! How are they gonna have pictures and no vids yet! Im dying, sounds like we missed a good one! cmoncmon east coast! Show some love :)

solnasnuvens said...

The last pictures it's from

call_it_golden said...

Is that the blue jacket from last years MTV awards?

call_it_golden said...

And I don't see how videos will be useful because all we'll be able to hear is screaming :(

behnaz said...

what's that??

reshma said...

he looked so exhausted..... waiting for more videos

Seanè Shalev said...

Ahh, what a hunk. ♥

farah said...

ohh this was so funny you sleep with her you sleep with the baby lol funny and robsten love

dra said...

yeah...when Taylor said to Rob 'did you sleep wih her' it's funny..I seems he mentioned it as for BD but they totally meant something else..haha
and we got it..Kristen lost it...
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them..

dra said...


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Iluvthemovies said...

You know what upsets me is that Summit did not provide coverage for those of us that could not attend this event to see the three leads interact with each other. At Comic Con they provided coverage and put it on YouTube. Here we are receiving random uploads from the event and most of the time you can rarely hear what they are saying. Although I do appreciate those that have been submitting their videos, it really is hard to understand the questions being asked and what the answers are and only for brief moments can you understand what they are actually saying. We do have the Tweets but it would have been nice to hear their banter.
I do think the sweetest thing said that I could understand is when they asked Rob who would he want to portray him in a movie about his life and he said "my son". Priceless.