Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tom Felton Keeps Being Awesome and Talks About Robert Pattinson

Harry Potter and Twilight have two of the most dedicated fan bases we've probably ever seen (and they just so happen to have a Robert Pattinson connection).

Both consistently dominate the box office, Twitter and, most recently, the MTV Movie Awards.

But what happens when the two come face to face? Well, we'll let Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Potter and who won Best Villain answer that for you.

"It's no question really," Tom said cutely and smugly when we asked who would win in a fight between Edward and Draco. "A wand is going to beat...Oh, wait. I dare not answer that. But yeah, let's go with a wand over fangs for now."

We'd have to agree; score one for Potter. So how about their cult Twitter followers? We were surprised when we stumbled upon the insane fan base for Mr. Felton on Sunday at the MTV bash.

"That might be equal," Felton laughed. However, unlike Kristen Stewart's feelings toward the new wave of social media, Tom's all for it.

"It's totally cool. Twitter sprung up out of nowhere," Tom said, adding how he thought it was a cool way to interact with the fans. "It's great. There are so many fantastic supporters out there. I can't thank them enough. They're awesome."

Then again, Felton and his GF are hardly as hounded as Rob and Kristen, so can't say we blame the babe for hating the new form technology.

Wands down for a second, though, Tom had nothing but great things to say about good mate R.Pattz, whom he worked with in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"I hadn't seen him for a long time actually, and then I saw him for his Remember Me premiere, and I was amazed that he remembered me," Felton joked. That was the first time Tom had seen Rob since he became a worldwide phenom.

"Rob's very sweet and just a very cool guy. He's actually very unaffected by all this. He's kind of the beacon of hope for life after Harry Potter. I'm very proud of him."

Awww, see Potterheads and Twi-hards can coexist in peace! But here's the real question: Which exclusive, and very hyped, clip from the MTV Movie Awards got you more pumped, Eclipse or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1?



twilightnan said...

It'sssss ** TWILIGHT ECLIPSE** there was never any other choice...I liked Harry Potter before but is old hat now..I'm in love with EDWARD AND BELLA NOW!!How can you not fall in love with THE TWILIGHT SAGA when you have the HOTTEST MOST BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME MALE ACTOR ...IN THE WORLD ..ROBERT PATTINSON...playing the part of Edward Cullen the vampire??.. and gorgeous Kristen Stewart as Bella...TWILIGHT would beat Harry Potter if these two mega franchises go head to head!! my opinion!!!I love Rob and Kristen ..I could watch Robsten videos allday but unfortunately there are things called..houseworks!!..

Yaelfica said...

i gotta go with @twilightnan on this...twilight and rob fans ROCK all the way!!! love tom felton though :D

twilightnan said...

@ Yaelfica Tom Felton as well..he is british and seems to love and respect his mum ..mentioned her on his acceptance speech at the mtv awards affection is now devoted only to our man..THE MTV 2010 GLOBAL SUPERSTAR WINNER** no need to mention his name!!!thanx + u take care!!

Caroline said...

what kind of a question is that? as much as I love twilight, harry potter and the deathly hallows part one it's my favorite story of all time